Viewer discretion advised: Dim Mak premiers new video

Steve Aoki's record label has gotten behind 'an electronic rock project completely devoted to providing musical scores for films about the nightlife. BXXX works with various collaborators to provide the direction for each soundtrack.'

The video is a depiction of the crazy happenings in New York party scene – decadence and debauchery at its highest peak. These girls probably didn't get many presents from Santa Claus. But don't take my word for it.

BXXX explains their higher cause behind the video:

“The ‘Lies’ video came about because I was looking online to see how well a GOPRO camera could shoot at night, and I found almost no footage so I decided to do my own “nighttime tests” video by exploring crazy moments in the New York party scene exclusively through the eyes of a  camera which is almost exclusively used for extreme sports. The ending barfing montage is an homage to William Peter Blatty.”

Watch at your own risk! There's a proper punch-line at the end.

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Zedd plays ‘Clarity’ on David Letterman Show

Zedd and the talented vocalist Foxes, accompanied by a string quartett, performed on the last 'David Letterman Show'. The German electronic music producer recently made headlines when Al Walser was accused of stealing his stems for the Grammy nominated track. Enjoy the unplugged, live performance by Zedd and co!

DJfollower’s editorial staff: 10 remarkable videos from 2012

Not long ago my colleague Solveig Petersen wrote an article about crowd-sourcing music videos. Although, he was right about music videos being marginalized in TV, he wasn't quite right in saying that the music video isn't something worth spending much money on. As the latest Youtube farce has shown – 'clicks', 'likes' and 'views' are of utmost importance to the managers and marketers of today's multi-billion music companies ..and their rivals. Solveig also brought your attention (in this article) to the DailyDot's investigation that shows the major companies may have not faked the views after all. Whatever the outcome of this unpleasant situation may be, the fact remains the same – there are a lot of people watching music videos on Youtube. So if you want to benefit from the video, you've got to put money and creativeness in, before you can cash out. Most magazines have already put up their lists for best videos of 2012. Now we've got the chance to show you what we came up with. However, since all of these videos are great in their own way, we decided to skip the arguing and just come up with 10 videos, we think deserve to be lifted from 2012.  Here's a list of some of the more remarkable videos from 2012 that have certainly gained their audience fair an square – by producing high budget, high quality, creative music videos!

So the list is in no particular ranking order. It contains mostly high-budget productions. Although I have to start off with an indie video production that caught a lot of attention. Held by many as the best track from 2012, the video accompanying 'Inspector Norse' compliments perfectly the track and the successful year for Todd Terje.

Todd Terje – Inspector Norse

Although Michael Nyman & David McAlmont authored 'Secrets, Accusations & Charges,' Max Cooper, English minimal DJ/producer, gave it his touch. The otherwordly animation was done by Nick Cobby.

Skrillex ft. Sirah- Bangarang. Director from France, Tony T Datis, is known to take on dubstep videos. This bold video has been watched for almost 100 million times now, not bad!

Flying LotusPutty Boy Strut from the album 'Until the Quiet Comes'. The eccentricity of Flying Lotus's track is accordingly displayed in this cartoon-monsters journey, one of the greats of 2012 indeed!

deadmau5 ft.Gerard Way – Professional Griefers. Well, it's pretty obvious why deadmau5's video is here. Directors Paul Boyd and Jeff Ranasinghe put together a next level spectacle with this highly appreciated collaboration!

Scuba – The Hope. 'Got the system, got the girls, got the camera, got the taste..' ..and an underwater shot of an elephant scuba-diving. Subliminal messages, old footage and excellent directing – a cool and well made video!

RuskoSomebody to Love. You got to love elderly people feeling themselves good to young folks music. Great concept, good footage – nice work!

A-Trak & Dillon Francis – Money Makin features guest appearances by J2K of Flosstradamus, Action Bronson and Chromeo. The big names make this ATM dance-machine go crazy. Humorous as always, A-Trak and Dillon Francis delivered a great one!

David Guetta ft. Taped Rai – Just One Last Time. Well, this is thorough job on a music video – no budget cuts on this one. Published on December 3,  Guetta's video has received over 15 million views by now.

This half-animated music video for Skism – Experts shows gives you high-octane action when looking into the life of a Youtube expert – check out the awesome knuckle-brass 'TROL'!

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You Will Dig This: Kurupt FM shows you how to produce and DJ

The pirate radio station Kurupt FM consists of MC Sniper, Decoy and Weapon X. The name originates from a clever play on words,  MC Sniper elaborates:

"Kurupt FM is actually a play on words. We took the word "corrupt" and replaced the C with a K. Most people don't get it straight away. Makes it stick in your mind, like submarinal advertising."

MC Sniper is also the leader and spokesperson for Kurupt FM, so he gives an insight to the dynamics of the team:

"The backbone to any pirate radio is a strong crew. I'm a perfect leader cos I'm physically and mentally strong. Having good DJs and MCs is important, but more important is loyalty and a carefully selected team with a range of skills to bring to the table. Decoy is the Kurupt FM driver and official Jamaican. Steves is good at climbing, which is useful for taking down aerials. Weapon X's uncle works for the fire brigade, so he can get skeleton keys for the estate rooftops. We have skills for basically any scenario."

Tune in to the how-to videos from the west London pirate radio station Kurupt FM!

Many agree that this is 'probably the most informative and´╗┐ in depth how-to video on Youtube.' Don't miss the all-important lesson to 'always turn it up' !

"No protection at the top? Weak instantly. No shoulder emphasis?! Get the Jacket!" Learn how to place your vinyl bag and put together a set from the Kurupt FM crew!


In case anybody got the wrong idea, then bare in mind the official disclaimer:

**Kurupt FM is a fictional radio station. Any similarities to real people is purely coincidental. This is an independent Chailor Wade production. The views expressed are not those of the BBC**

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Official video for Sander van Doorn’s ‘Joyenergizer’

The Dutch bringing you some dutchness on this festival crowd crazing big room track. The build-ups, breaks and beeps are now accompanied by a video of a female pool wrestling with a lot of lubrication and . This is a decadent affair from kind of a dodgy club you're likely to end up on a crazier-than-usual evening. Sander van Doorn goes all out on 'Joyenergizer', expect to see some heads banging to this one at festivals and clubs!