First week of Richie Hawtin’s CNTRL: Beyond EDM tour

Richie Hawtin's been on a EDM crusade for the past few month (read about the introduction here). With a few more destinations, the journey will be coming to an end. Although different aspects of the tour have been broadcast via live streams, you might've not been able to catch everything that's happened. So check out some of the video footage from the tour!

There is some really nice editorial work behind a video we'd like to share with you. This is the summary of the first week of CNTRL: Beyond EDM with an intimate look into the trouble's and joys that came up touring while Sandy was ravashing the east coast of the continent. Including a hotel party webcast, a talk with Josh Wink, Eon Golden tINI and Loco Dice.

Steve Aoki chased down in the 7th episode of “Chasing”

The last 2 teams in Steve Aoki's hit reality show "Chasing" head to Las Vegas to find Steve and compete in a final challenge testing their DJ skills. They face the difficulties of putting together a DJ rig which turns out to be a little more complicated then they might've thought. The hard work pays off for one of the couples as they finally get the chance to experience a night out with Steve.

Check out the final episode of "Chasing" with Steve Aoki!

Documentary: A Year With Armin van Buuren

Armin van Buuren, the Dutch trance megastar started filming a documentary after the birth of his daughter in July 2011. The movie shows a well-balanced, endlessly-productive DJ close-hand – you’ll see how committed he is to his family and ’A State Of Trance’ radio show while working on a non-stop touring schedule.

“Trance music has a special effect on people,” says Armin early on in the doc. “It unites them in a way I’ve never seen with other types of music. It makes them ecstatic and has an almost religious effect. It’s extraordinary.”

The Dutch has been voted the number one DJ in the world for four years in a row now, so you know that Armin and his ’Trance Family’ know what their doing and talking about.

Although there’s a downside as well “Sometimes he works for over 80 to 90 hours a week,” says Erika, Armin’s wife.“He never stops working. He doesn’t like to show his weakness and does everything for his fans.” Doesn’t matter how committed he wants to or tries to be, there’s just some limits of the human body you can’t overcome. “When I get home, I’m tired and cranky. And the woman I love has to suffer.”

This is a great movie documenting the life of Armin van Buuren at his peak. Doesn’t matter, if you’re a fan looking for more intimate knowledge of the trance-titan or if you’re just interested how a superstar DJ lives – this is an insightful documentary to both the DJ and the trance world.

Stream the documentary right here!

Richie Hawtin, John Acquaviva and John Fox discuss EDM

Richie Hawtin’s been making the headlines often in recent times. We discussed his tour CNTRL: Beyond EDM here. He’s gotten hearthwarming receptions by all the North-American colleges he’s visited. This was especially true in Windsor, where major Eddie Francis handed him the key to the city.

This time, we’re presenting you a video from ’Electrospective’, an event created to pay respects to the development of electronic music from the modest beginnings in 1958 BBC’s Radiophonic Workshop to the widespread movement it’s become today.

This video has Richie Hawtin, as well as John Acquaviva and John Fox, elaborating their thoughts on EDM.

12th Planet’s thoughts on trap, why Switch and Rusko moved to U.S. and more

12th Planet was pinned down on a couch when he stopped in Orlando touring with Pretty Lights. So he's going to elaborate what his thoughts are on the latest trap music craze, DJs, rappers and more!