Frenzy at Echoplex with Skrillex, 12th Planet, Caspa, Diplo

Check Yo Ponytail presents a video of the Echoplex Live in the beginning of 2012. Skrillex vs. 12th Planet vs Caspa + Diplo showed you early in 2012 that there's nothing too dark about dubstep anymore. Well, at least not in this performance The L.A crowd is in all-out frenzy at this one, as dubstep meets electro house and  the best names in the field. To show you how fun a party like this can be and really get you hungry for a party, we give you a masterful video production of this dream line-up at the Echoplex Live.

Avicii fed up with ‘Levels’

Avicii’s depressed being an one-hit wonder for the larger audiences. Well, we have kind of helped along the tendency of ’Levels’ being the main subject regarding Avicii (look at the article here, after all this time, it still managaes to capture something creative regarding the track). But the Swedish superstar DJ is stressed at the fact, that people only recognize him for the one track.

"There’s so much talk; people think it’s the only track I’ve done, in a one-hit-wonder kind of way,” Avicii said. “I’ve been releasing tracks for four or five years, around a hundred released tracks and always making new stuff, so it’s just annoying hearing all the time that Levels is the only track I’ve done. We were working so hard, and things were going well before Levels, you know?”

Now, his team, the At Night Management has released a video adressing this issue. After the video you can browse through tracks which have to do with Avicii whether he’s the author, the remixer or collaborator.


Avicii tracks:
Francesco Diaz & Young Rebelz When I'm Thinking of You Avicii vs Philgood Mix
Roman Salzger Solaris Avicii Greets Joia Mix
Avicii Sound of Now Original Mix
Sebastien Benett Dancin Avicii Mix
Roger Sanchez Bang That Box Avicii vs Philgood Bang That Vocal + Dub Mix
Dirty South D10 Avicii vs Philgood Mix
DJ Ralph Born To Rave Avicii vs Philgood Born To Do It Mix
Jose Nunez, Erick Morillo & Richard Grey Life Goes On Avicii vs Philgood Mix
Mic Newman Whatever Kind Avicii Mix
D.O.N.S. You Used To Hold Me Avicii Mix
Avicii vs Philgood Record Breaker Original Mix
Avicii Muja Original Mix
Avicii Ryu Original Mix
Avicii Strutnut Original Mix
Albin Myers & Sandro Monte Somewhere Avicii Mix
Avicii So Excited Original Mix
Dim Chris & Sebastien Drums Sometimes I Feel Avicii's Out Of Miami Mix
Dirty South We Are Avicii Mix
David Tort Lost In Acid Tim Berg Mix
Nick Terranova & Austin Leeds Music Around The World Avicii Mix
Phonat Set Me Free Avicii Mix
Zoo Brazil Tear The Club Up Avicii vs Philgood Two Angry Mix
Tim Berg Alcoholic Original Mix
Tim Berg Alcoholic Avicii Edit
Seb Benett Star Airlines Seb Benett
Josse Nunez, MYNC & Harry Choo Choo Romero Boogers Avicii's Dumb Dumb Remix
The Cut Better Days Avicii Remix
EDX Shy Shy Avicii Mix
Mr Timothy Got 2 Get Up Avicii Mix
Kid Massive Touch Me In The Morning Avicii's Massive Mix
Livin Joy, Viani DJ & Maxine Devine Dreamer 2009 Avicii's Dream On Mix
Avicii vs Sebastien Drums Even Original Mix
David Guetta One Love Avicii Mix
Bob Sinclar New New New Avicii Meets Yellow Mix
Austin Leeds ft Jeremy Carr In The Air Avicii Mix
Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Salinas Tim Berg's Salty Mix
Avicii vs DJ Ralph Break Da Floor Original Mix
Avicii Bom Original Mix
The Good Guys Spotlight Avicii Rising Star Mix
Austin Leeds & Etienne Ozborne Do It With Me Avicii vs Philgood Mix
Tiësto Escape Me Avicii's Remix + Dub Mix At Night
Solu Music Fade Avicii 2009 Mix
Jason Rooney Stop The Rock Avicii's Showstopping Remix
Junior Caldera Can't Fight This Feeling Avicii Universe Mix
Alex Gaudino & Nari & Milani The Drums Avicii's Mouthful Mix
Little Boots Remedy Avicii Club + Instrumental Mix
Tim Berg Bromance Avicii's Arena Mix
Tim Berg Bromance Original Mix
Dada Life Cookies With A Smile Avicii Mix
David Guetta Gettin Over You Avicii Vocal + Dub Mix
Avicii vs Sebastien Drums My Feelings For You Original Mix
MYNC & Rhythm Masters I Feel Love Avicii's Forgotten Remix
Maurizio Gubellini Getting Personal Avicii's Italectronic + Instrumental Remix
Tim Berg vs Norman Doray & Sebastien Drums Tweet It Original Mix
Jovicii Don't Hold Back Avicii vs John Dahlbäck Mix
Robyn Hang With Me Avicii's Exclusive Club Mix
Paul Thomas & Sonny Wharton Painted Faces Avicii Mix
Tim Berg vs Oliver Ingrosso & Otto Knows iTrack Original Mix
Tim Berg vs Oliver Ingrosso & Otto Knows Loopede Original Mix
Tim Berg Seek Bromance Avicii Vocal Edit
Nadia Ali Rapture Avicii New Generation Mix
Avicii Malo Original Mix
Avicii Street Dancer Original Mix
Avicii Sweet Dreams Avicii Swede Dreams Mix
Adrian Lux Can't Sleep Avicii vs Philgood Mix
Armin van Buuren Drowning Avicii's Unnamed Mix
Tom Hangs vs Marco Machiavelli, Pimp Rockers & Starkillers Insomnia Original Mix
Tom Hangs Blessed Avicii Edit
Avicii Fade Into Darkness Original Mix
Avicii Last Dance Original Mix
Avicii Silhouettes Original Mix

Avicii ‘Levels’ played in the most peculiar way

Half the globe has probably heard ’Levels’, an enormously successful hit by Avicii, the superstar DJ out of Sweden currently #5 in The Official Global DJ Rankings. Ever since the release on October 28, 2011 the track’s been conquering the music charts all over the world becoming nr.1 in Sweden and United States, and a top ten hit in Austria, Belgium, Bosnia, Croatia, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Probably not so well known is the fact that the track’s famous vocal part is sampled from ’Something’s Got a Hold on Me’ by Etta James, the funk and soul diva who passed away in the beginning of 2012.

The track has received numerous remixes and mash-ups over the year, but we’d like to bring out a recent video of a very eccentric way to incorporate music with environmental sounds. Matt Dennison and Jason Lucas, the authors of the video, have produced numerous projects. In this one, we see ’Levels’ being played out using sewer covers, the Skytrain, ticket vendors and a half-empty Coke bottle. Creativity at its finest. See for yourself!


“Levels” de Avicii, tocado de la forma más peculiar

Probablemente, más de medio mundo ha escuchado ya “Levels”, un hit de gran éxito de Avicii, el DJ superestrella sueco, que está en este momento en el puesto número 5 de El Ranking Oficial Globl de DJs. Desde su publicación el 28 de octubre de 2011, la pista ha estado conquistando listas de éxitos en todo el mundo, convirtiéndose en número uno en Suecia y Estados Unidos, y top 10 en Austria, Bélgica, Bosnia, Croacia, Dinamarca, Alemania, Grecia, Hungría, Irlanda, Italia, Holanda, Noruega, Suiza y El Reino Unido.

Lo que no es probablemente tan conocido es que la parte vocal de la pista, está sampleada de “Something´s Got a Hold on Me” de Etta James, la diva del funk y el soul que paso a mejor vida a principios de 2012.

La pista ha tenido numerosos remixes y mash-ups durante este año, pero nos gustaría remarcar un video reciente, con una excéntrica forma de mezclar música con sonidos ambientales. Matt Dennison y Jason Lucas, los autores del video, han producido numerosos proyectos. En este, vemos “Levels” tocada usando tapas de alcantarillas, el Skytrain, expendedores de billetes y una botella de Coca-Cola medio vacía. Creatividad al máximo. ¡Velo tú mismo!


Dirtyphonics’ new mash-up video: parental supervision advised

On 23rd of October Dim Mak Records released the remix EP ’Dirty’ by Dirtyphonics. It’s received loud chants and praises from sweaty ravers since Dirtyphonics has dropped it in their sets. The dubstep and drum&bass cultivating Parisians Dirtyphonics have skillfully taken elements of electro and dubstep turning them into a high-energy track.

The EP consists of 5 tracks. In addition to the original, there’s remixes from an impressive set of artist/DJs: Darth&Vader, 12th Planet, Metrik and Nicolas Malinowsky. An ecclectic bunch of producers bring vibes of, trap, dnb and electro house to the EP. Currently #245 on The Official Global DJ Rankings, Dirtyphonics themselves had this to say :

Being ‘DIRTY’ is more than dirt or sex for us. It’s a way to be yourself—whatever that means to you. Feel free and feel good. When you come to our show or listen to our music, it’s all about freeing yourself and having the time of your life. Be geeky, be sexy, be extravagant! Be ‘DIRTY’!”

They certainly took things to the next level with a video for the song, which is basically made out of clips from music videos that were probably never allowed for airing before the sun had set. There’s dirt from all the iconic figures of pop ranging from Christina Aguilera to Dizzee Rascal and Madonna. It actually seems that every song related to dirt, sex or extravaganza ever made, has been used in the making of this video – the actual list of videos used appears in the end of the three and a half minute madness. The video ends with the phrase 'to be continued', so that you'd be on your toes waiting for a new one. You’ll be asking yourself, how on earth could this video be officially released consisting entirely of copyrighted videos made by major artists. Let’s leave that aspect to the bureaucrats. As for the syncing of the visualization and the pumping dubstep track, you have to admit, the production team has done a really good job.

Check out the freshly released Dirtyphonics video for the track ’Dirty’!