There are millions of professional DJ/producers in the world. As more turntables are being bought than electric guitars, the painful truth remains that the scenes are saturated with striving artists as well as over-hyped superstars. Our mission statement is to bring you the best of both worlds. DJ-Follower pursues the activities of those on top of the world, as well as those who we deem worthy of getting there.

Our approach is that the DJ is like a multitasking conductor who tells the musicians – go fast, go slow, more bass, less treble. He fuses together what s/he carefully picks from various artists’ creations. In doing this, the DJ creates a journey for the music lovers be it in form of a gig or a mixtape.

Who’s following who?

We are creating an unique concept that will bring you closer to the DJ than ever before. Back in the day, the way music lovers connected with their superstars was different. DJ is replacing the rock super groups, filling the stadiums with vast number of people night in and night out. The DJ engages in this conversation by responding to the comments, in turn sharing his experience from the point of view behind decks.

Unlike the conductor whose recreating sheet music, the DJ also orchestrates the feelings of the music lovers. Or does he? Maybe it’s the other way around, and the crowd’s collective flow determines what the DJ does. In a sense there isn’t much to gain from strictly defining the relationship between YOU and the DJ. That’s because there isn’t a clear division between these two entities. As the head is influenced by the feelings of the body, the body is influenced by the ideas of the head. In this respect – the head being the DJ – it is all the more important how the body feels. Electronic dance music, after all, is something that’s enjoyed intuitively rather than intellectually.

Inspired by these thoughts, we are creating a platform that will further blur the line between DJs and music lovers.

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