A-Trak, Araabmuzik and ASAP Rocky stealing the spotlight at Letterman’s

Letterman must've gotten a pretty big boost on the last show. A lot of talent present at the studio with Araabmuzik and A-Trak  performing their magic on the turntables while ASAP Rocky's doing his thing. Of course we're more impressed about the DJs LIVE performances than ASAP doing a track from his 'Long Live ASAP' album. While many big-time DJs have been on various talk-shows, like Ellen and the likes – there haven't been many who show their skills off in proper fashion. Usually these are the occasions when 'button pushing' is the imperative. Nevertheless, this is quality performance, pumping on all cylinders enjoy the video with Araabmuzik and A-Trak in their elements! Oh, and if you're a Zedd fan – check out his appearance on Letterman's show!

Phat basslines and heavy noise from a new Moog synthesizer – analogue fiends be aware!

Recently, Moog Music Inc. published a preview of their latest analog synthesizer on Youtube. Synth pioneer and collaborator of Bob Moog, professor Herb Deutsch, visited the Moog Machine Shop during Moogfest 2012. He got to test the prototype in its research & design phase. Moog Music commented:

"In the past, Bob Moog always tested his ideas, instruments and sounds with musicians and colleagues. This spirit of collaboration continues at the Moog factory to this day and is essential to our work. It is a key part of the product development process, as it furthers our ideas and helps us shape better tools for musicians."

Also, they've announced: "Making its official debut at NAMM 2013, the first 24 of these new instruments are being handcrafted at the Moog Factory this week. Until you get a chance to see it in its final form at NAMM 2013, please enjoy this video. Love, your friends at Moog."

In case you haven't heard what NAMM is, then head to their official page: "NAMM, the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM), commonly called NAMM in reference to the organization's popular NAMM trade shows, is the not-for-profit association that promotes the pleasures and benefits of making music and strengthens the $17 billion global music products industry."

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Video premiere: SBTRKT – ‘Trials of the Past’

To boost their 'Live' album efforts, SBTRKT has done a video for one of their recent hits called 'Trials of the Past'. Directed by Dustfarm's Ross Anderson, the video stars a troubled girl whose running away from the horrors of a post-industrial dystopia. She ends up at a barbershop, getting a peculiar 'head-cut'. Anderson became only the third person to do a video for SBTRKT who's been making wave, especially after the debut album last year. 

Joe Frankland, Artist Development Manager at Generator had this to say about the new video:

“Generator and Northern Film & Media have a strong history of teaming musicians with music filmmakers and to be able to offer Ross Anderson the chance to work with the XL Recordings family was amazing. SBTRKT is one of the most exciting artists and producers of recent years and Ross’ vision of a dystopian future perfectly conveys the mood and imagery of ‘Trials of the Past’.”

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On a Different Note: Boiler Room set by Thomalla

The German house producer and DJ Philip Kollar aka Thomalla isn't widely known. That may be attributed to his eccentricity – the Berlin-based student has a classic music background which influences his current productions. However, if his latest Boiler Room mix shows he's got skills both as a producer and a DJ. If you like surreal yet uplifting house beats this is something for you! We'll be hearing from him..

Catch the hot action from Holy Ship!!

Who wouldn't want to party on Holy Ship? Who am I kidding, It's not even a valid question! Justice b2b Boys Noize b2b Gesaffelstein on a beach filled with all kinds of people paying their respects to Dionysus. Of course, Diplo and A-Trak are hanging around as well. Brodinski getting down with a hip-hop mix. Look below for videos from the desired Holy Ship!!

Brought to you by HARD Events, the Holy Ship!! festivites took place from 4th – 7th January, taking 3,000 people on a cruise from Florida to Bahamas.

Saturday night's peak was Crookers' set at 4-5:30 am in the Zebra bar. Crookers proved that after re-forming from a duo to a one-man show, a whole chunk of skill remained under the famous moniker. Phra of Crookers did a mind-blowing set, playing 'Salmon Dance' and the fresh collaboration 'Pop That' with RVBRA. Skrillex gets a track in as well, the vibe's at display, although he audio sucks.

This is the beach party where Boys Noize, Justice and Gesafellstein share their time and energy behind the decks. Nice breaks, wicked tracks and people enjoying themselves.. you'll wish you could've been there.

Brodinski went all-out hip-hop on this set. Not exactly up my alley, but if this is your thing, you'll enjoy this recap!

Photo: Visit St. Pete/Clearwater