Official video for raw electro trash tune ‘Troublemaker’ by Haezer featuring Tumi

The 3rd DJ/producer out of South Africa has gotten down with his first music video. Haezer comes from Cape Town and delivers a style of music that has been described as 'raw electro trash'. If you start to listen to the track lifted from his Dim Mak EP release 'The Wrong Kid Died' you'll start to conceive what it means. This will surely disturb you ..whether in a good or a bad way, that depends on your tastebuds. 'Troublemaker' features the legendary South African rapper Tumi, to give it a bit of Dizzee Rascal feel. The end result is something else, though. And the video is on a whole new level, as well. You know that if kids with psychic powers are involved, there's trouble ahead..

Produced by Dirtysoul in association with Red Bull, Olmeca Tequila and GRIET

Directed by Kyle Lewis
Director of Photography: Roscoe Vercuiel
Edited by Luke Apteeker of PRIEST post production
Producer Ali Wacher

Music and sound design by HAEZER

Watch the epic Knife Party Live Show in Bedlam

Pendulum may have disbanded, but Knife Party is going strong, being the #32 DJ act on The Official Global DJ Rankings. Whether it is their live sets or radio shows, you know their bringing everything they got, expecting you do the same. So if you're having doubts about the electro house and dubstep spreading duo performs live, check out this piece! Almost 4 hours of madhouse, you'll wish you could've been there!

On a Different Note: Eccentric Boiler Room set by Flume

Flume – the object – is by definition an open water channel. Flume – the musician – is by nature a flume, the object – meaning he's productions have an unprecedented flow! Harley Streten, the electronic music producer out of Australia, is only a 22-year old kid, but his body of work speaks of a higher maturity. Streten was discovered and signed in 2011 by Future Classic. November, 2012 saw the debut album by the prodigues producer. Flume's self-titled debut album was released on November 6, 2012 to exceptional critical acclaim The Aussie collaborated with vocal artists George Maple, Moon Holiday, Jezzabell Doran, Chet Faker, and New York rapper T.Shirt.

Right now, we're bringing you his recent Boiler Room set, where you get an up-close look on how the young gun does his thing. Button pushing at its finest, a trigger-pad and midi-synth!


Video of ‘the making of the video’ for possibly the best track from 2012

What was the best track of 2012? Hard to tell, right.. What comes into consideration as the best track from 2012? That's right, 'Inspector Norse' by the Norwegian house  producer Todd Terje. The immensely popular track has got some pretty humorous roots, so Terje did a documentary to give you an idea about the inspiration for this space music. 'Whateverest' is a 15-minute short-film, showing Terje explaining who is Inspector Norse, and how come he dances 'til the break of dawn.

A bonkers Karmaloop interview with Dillon Francis

KarmaloopTV presents a new online series! In the first episode @lilinternet interviewing Dillon Francis. If the pilot is an accurate showing, the show is going to be ridiculously funny. In fact, @lilinternet is in such a flow, even the shenanigan-filled Dillon Francis doesn't seem to keep up with him. He runs out of jokes at some point and has to give some serious anwsers.

Photo: messycupcakes