Armed to the teeth, Feed Me gives behind the scenes look of his live show

When Jon Gooch feels mischievous, he transforms to Feed Me – a constantly grinning party-monster who is always creating innovative sounds. This video's more about how these sounds and the live stage interact. Get an up close look of what inspired the audiovisual show, what technology is involved, and see how the whole thing comes off. Every aspect, little or big, is synchronized so the entirety of the show will act upon you unforgettably. If you haven't gotten to the live show, you'll want to after this!

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‘X You’ – crowd-source project with 13,000 submissions …at the end, sounds like Avicii

Yes, the numbers are impressive: 4,000 people from over 140 countries submitting nearly 13,000 sounds. The whole process ran for nearly seven weeks. While Avicii reached 3,000,000 FB fans, there was also an ongoing search for a 'break'. He chose weekly semi finalists, and the fans decided what was going to be used, by voting for their favorite submissions. The contributor who got the most votes became the featured producer of a specific part of the track.  Melody, bassline, rhythm and effects were all found in this way. Avicii then had to curate them, and create the final song in his studio in L.A.

The Swede commented on what has to be one of the biggest crowd-sourcing projects in music: "I think it's cool that people will be able to hear this track on the radio and know that they've all been part of creating it. Five years ago, this would not have been possible and now we have the whole world collaborating. Imagine what will happen in five, ten years from now when everyone everywhere is connected."

Besides helping upcoming producers get their name out there, the initative also contributes to charity. You can buy the track here, and according to the website:

"All royalties from the creative contributions together with part of the master royalties from the final track will be donated to House for Hunger, an initiative by Avicii, Ash Pournouri and Feeding America."

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In the end, we have something we are accustomed to hearing from Avicii. His uplifting progressive house signature is instantly recognizable. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not. There are really exciting parts to the track, especially the melodic break about half way into it. Overall you must admit, it's got that special feeling to it, for so many people got to be a part of it.

H∆SHTAG$ – Don’t Call It #Beats EP 4 with Flying Lotus, TNGHT, The Gaslamp Killer, Shlohmo and XXYYXX

Red Bull Music Academy is always looking out for educating producers, DJs and music fans. They’ve put there effort into making a new mini-series to shed light on the latest and most fascinating developments in Internet-based music. H∆SHTAG$ has taken on the task to explain and provide background for terms circling the web, from #cloudrap to #seapunk, #postdubstep to #advancedpop. We have the 4th episode for you. The subject? Beats!

The 10-minute mini-doc will feature the best when it comes to experimental beats music. Flying Lotus, Gaslamp Killer, Shlomo and XXYYXX are among the producer talking about how a simple LA club night and a circle of friends gave grounds for a global phenomenen, and changed electronic music as well as hip hop in the process.

Photo: Death Waltz Recording Co.

King Drippa directs animation for ‘No One Knows Who We Are’ by Kaskade, Swanky Tunes and Lights

Swanky Tunes and Lights teamed up with Kaskade to release 'No One Knows Who We Are'. The track was put out on Christmas Eve and was met with warm welcome from dance music enthusiasts. The song is going through its second coming, reminding folks by unveiling the official video. Kaskade was extremely satisfied with the outcome, telling Rolling Stone, “the comic-style animation in this video really helps bring an added visual element that helps lifts the beats and Lights’ vocals, giving the song even more of an electric charge.”

Watch the official video for “No One Knows Who We Are” directed by King Drippa! The track will be also featured on Kaskade’s follow-up to 2011′s Fire & Ice, expected  to  be out later this year.

Photo: Focka

Watch: Rip! A Remix Manifesto

If you're more familiar with music documentaries, you've probably come across this one. Directed by Brett Gaylor, 'Rip! A Remix Manifesto', came out back in 2008. It had been in the process of making for over six years. Nevertheless, I think the doco tackles the matter of copyright laws in a way that won't be outdated as fast. Even though, the mash-up producer Girl Talk, one of the centric characters in the movie, would say that in retrospect, these problems will simply seem nonsensical.

The Creative Commons licensed movie is a collaborative remix itself, drawing from hundreds of contributors and making it the 'world's first open source documentary'. Enjoy learning about sampling, remixes, mash-ups, laws regarding them as well as the music industry that directs the show!