Skrillex, Diplo & A-Trak launch POTATO (guide + first episode of BANG! added)

The heads of  OWSLA, Mad Decent and Fool's Gold have launched a Youtube channel called POTATO. That's right, being one of the best DJ acts in the world, touring and managing labels isn't enough. Time has come for a new medium, or rather a re-imagination of an old medium, as they've announced their intention to 'bring back the spirit of early music television for the digital and mobile era.' The channel was successfully launched February, 18 – Scroll down for the first episode of BANG! and a quick guide!

Talking about the spirit of early music television, MTV pops into mind. Press release actually went as far as to quote the original MTV slogan: "You'll never look at music the same way again." POTATO aims to become a popular medium. With the meme-creating ability of Mad Decent, explosiveness of OWSLA, variety of Fool's Gold and the partnership with Iconic TV (the multi-channel network behind Jay-Z's Life+Times), the efforts are surely not in vain.

As much as you can draw from the commercial, there are following segments introduced:

Blow Your Head, Diplo and Shane McCauley's new series

Short Cuts, an instructional program with  A-Trak on the decks

Bang!, starring Skrillex, and judging by the first episode – a short history lesson.

+ something called Cosmo's CratesListen Up! With Ralph Moore, Big Time #1 Super Adventures With Fat Jew, and Video Killed the Radio.

First up, Skrillex, Boys Noize and surprisingly Kevin Saunderson in the segment called Bang! The 9-minute mini-doc gives you an overview of how and where techno was born.


Trailer: Blow Your Head with Diplo and Shane McCauley, premiers February, 20

Mini Documentary: Carl Cox Global 500

Carl Cox is undoubtedly one of the most iconic DJs in the game. The living proof that playing music is an art form that doesn't have to be combined with producing in order to do something unique and thoroughly enjoyable. A decade has passed since the man started his Global radio show. Since that time he's become a taste-maker in the acid house and techno spheres. This year's Amsterdam Dance Event saw the celebrations of his 500th episode. The mini documentary below will give you an idea what went on behind the scenes. In addition to a brief history of Carl himself, you'll see cameos from Richie Hawtin and Fatboy Slim. Autobiographical docs like 'A Year With Armin van Buuren' or the one Annie Mac did with Tiesto are a great way to show the aspect of the superstar DJ that isn't usually accessible. Enjoy the following 30-minutes with Carl Cox!

I Dream of Wires – A Documentary about modular synths in the making

Whether you consider yourself to be a DJ or a producer, a music fan or musician, a technology enthusiast or not, you probably have a fair idea of  what a synthesizer is. And you're pretty right in thinking that it's an electronical instrument with piano keys and different kind of knobs and buttons for producing sounds. But you might've not heard about modular synthesizer. There's a good chance you've heard the sounds of a modular synth, but actually never heard of the concept and where it all began. Soon all your potential questions will be answered…

A documentary about modular synths is going to come out in June, 2013. 'I Dream of Wires' is a four-hour film was written and directed by Robert Fantinatto, with Ghostly International regular Solvent, real name Jason Amm, working as a producer and co-writer, as well as composing its soundtrack.

According to the report by Self Titled , the documentary will feature interviews with a number of artists and label bosses, ranging from Planet E chief Carl Craig to Trent Reznor, Vince Clarke, Chris Carter, Legowelt, John Tejada, Container, James Holden, Deadmau5, Factory Floor‘s Dominic Butler and Mute founder Daniel Miller among others.

Also: Check out the trailer of the legendary Moog synth company's new analogue masterpiece!

 To get an idea of what you're in for, you can watch the 12-minute trailer!  Listen to Solvent’s “Themogene,” which features on the film’s soundtrack, on SoundCloud.

Photo: Benjamin Haines

Unibrow Superheros rule the world in official video for Boys Noize ‘What You Want’

Alex Ridha, well known as Boys Noize, has been a busy man ever since his LP was released in autumn, 2012. Besides the world tour, remix EP and other activities, Boys Noize has found the time to get another video done. The visualization of 'What You Want' is a compelling one, Ridha explains the concept to Rolling Stone: "The idea was to interpret the lyrics 'what you want/what you get' as a metaphor of consumerism. It's also a reflection on the concept of normality. In a world where singularity is the norm, is being normal making you the exception? Then, the goal was just to have fun with costumes and visual effects. We wanted to communicate this awkward feeling you have when you're at a costume party, but you're the only one not wearing a costume."

'Ich R U' is another track that got a video from Boys Noize last year LP 'Out of the Black'. Watch here!

Photo: weeklydig

12-hour, 12 inch vinyls-only mix on 12.12.12 by Peanut Butter Wolf

So the date 12.12.12 wasn't just about weddings and number magic. There were some cool stunts being performed on the repeating date which can only occurs in the first 12 years of a century. The legendary Peanut Butter Wolf used 12.12.12 as a perfect chance to stay in his 12" vinyl-filled room and play a special 12-hour long Boiler Room mix. The giant of a broadcast has been chopped into three 4-hour clips, showing the PBW and his friends in front of the massive vinyl collection. You'll hear various styles – different kinds of rock, funk, hip-hop, soul, r'n'b, techno, house and much more, as you can imagine.. We even have the 187-track setlist for you! Enjoy these classics by the beloved DJ who's been doing his thing for over 20 years!

Hour 1

1. Richard Dimples Fields – “If It Ain’t One Thing It’s Another
2. Brian Auger – “Beginning Again”
3. Heath Brothers – “Smiling Billy Suite”
4. Rick Wakeman – “March Of Gladiators”
5. Jeremy & The Satrys – “In The Glass Teardrops”
6. Bruce Haack – “Incantation”
7. Michael Adam Pollack – “Evening Visitors”
8. Polar Yet Tropical – “We Will Fall”
9. Billy Cobham & George Duke – “Almustafa The Beloved”
10. Lutz Rahn – “Dracula’s Kuss”
11. Barrabas – “Lady Love”
12. Omega – “With Magic Stone”

Hour 2

13. SBB – “Strategia Pulsu”
14. Reinhard Lakomy – “Das Geheime Leben”
15. Human League – “WXJL”
16. Jimmy Hendrix – “Have You Ever Been”
17. Aqua Fragile – “Cosmic Mind Affair”
18. Touch – “Waterdream”
19. Dwele – “Dime For Your Thoughts”
20. Touch – “Gethsemane 1”
21. Stereolab – “Spinal Column”
22. Sly & The Family Stone – “If It Were Left Up To Me”
23. Sly & The Family Stone – “Babies Makin’ Babies”
24. Quasimoto – “B.S.”
25. Marvin Gaye – “Heavy Love Affair”
26. Gil-Scott-Heron/Brian Jackson – “Back Home”
27. James Brown – “Bring It Up”
28. Mobb Deep – “Burn”
29. Phat Kat – “Destiny”

Hour 3

30. Yesterday’s New Quintet – “Funshine”
31. Madvillain – “Money Folder (Instrumental)”
32. Medaphor – “Now U Know (Instrumental)”
33. Peanut Butter Wolf feat. Encore – “Undercover”
34. Guilty Simpson – “Coroners music”
35. Herman Kelly & Life – “A Refreshing Love”
36. Ohio Players – “Sleep Talk”
37. Brand Nubian – “Allah & Justice”
38. Great Pride – “She’s A Lady”
39. The Beatles – “I’m So Tired”
40. Snoop Dog – “Dog Food and Drank”
41. The Moments – “Theme”
42. Wu Tang Clan – “Shaolin Brew”
43. Booty’s Rubber Band – “I’d Rather Be With You”
44. Bobby Nunn – “She’s Just A Groupie”
45. Electric Light Orchestra – “Fire on High”
46. Sister Nancy – “One, Two”
47. Scientist – “Night of the Living Dead”

Hour 4

48. TCQ – “Start it Up (Instrumental)”
49. Stevie Wonder – “Don’t Drive Drunk” Inst.
50. James Pants – “Tape Rolls”
51. Kinfunk – “Morris the Cat”
52. Irv Ski – “One Man Only”
53. Race – “Split Personality”
54. Funkadelic – “Super Stupid”
55. Ohio Players – “Love Slips Through My Fingers”
56. War – “Smile Happy”
57. Electro-Graphics – “Sloog”
58. Clint Eastwood – “Brotherman”
59. Grandmaster Flash – “Scorpio”
60. Ana Roseli – “Velhos Tempos”
61. Landscape – “From The Tea Rooms Of Mars”
62. Lord Finesse – “A Little Something For The Homiez”
63. Jungle Brothers – “Because I Got It Like That”
64. Steve Hackett – “The Toast”
65. The Click – “Tangi”
66. 14 Karat Soul – “Lover’s Fantasy”
67. Art Of Noise – “The Army Now”
68. Larry T. & The Family – “I’m Moving On”
69. Isley Brothers & Jimi Hendrix – “Testify”
70. Project Blowed – “Strength of ATU”
71. Trouble Funk – “Sping – Time”
72. Will Powers – “Smile (Dub)”
73. Throbbing Gristle – “What A Day”
74. Bobby G – “Lollipop Girl”
75. Just Tony – “You’ll Never Find Another Love Like Mine”
76. Extra T’s – “E.T. Boogie Inst”
77. The Residents – “Woman’s Weapon”
78. Ariel Pink – “She’s My Girl”
79. Cody Chesnutt – “The World Is Coming” 

Hour 5

80. Family Fodder And Friends – “Sunday Girl #1” 
81. Rick James – “Cold Blooded” 
82. Prince – “Paisley Park” 
83. Que Dee – Cash Flow 
84. Homeliss Derelix – Cash Money 
85. TCQ – “Bound To Wreck Your Body” 
86. Paul McCartney – “Temporary Secretary” 
87. Andy Bey – “Celestial Blues” 
88. Sammy A – “Try Me Out” 
89. Hiko featuring the Great Peso – “She’s Wild” 
90. Charlie – “Spacer Woman” 
91. Rated X – “Be Cool To Your Girl” 
92. Konstruktiaits – “Kalm” 
93. Bo Hansson – “The City” 
94. The Wire – “Two People In The Room” 
95. Big Kwam – “I Don’t Give A Fuck” PB Wolf Remix 
96. Giorgio Moroder – “Theme From Midnight Express”

Hour 6

97. Nice N Smooth – “Sometimes I Rhyme Slow” Remix 
98. Carly Simon – “Why” 
99. Star Wars Christmas – “A Christmas Sighting” 
100. Too Short – “Freaky Tales” 
101. Schooly D – “Saturday Night” 
102. Goblin – “Black Forest” 
103. Grauzone “Film 2” 
104. Chappell Electronic “Marathon Man” 
105. Cybotron – “Techno City” 
106. Pink Industry – “Is This The End” 
107. Ingram – “That’s All” 
108. Jonathan Brown – “Def Defiance”

Hour 7

109. Curtis Mayfield – “No Thing On Me” 
110. The Turtles – “I’m Chief Kawannamannalaya” 
111. Riuichi Sakamoto – “Participation Mystique” 
112. Cosmic Overdose – “Oktoberfragment” 
113. Neuronium – “Invisible Views” 
114. Unit Band – “You Fool” 
115. 415 – “Mr. Groove Is Home” 
116. Al Hudson – “Spread Love” 
117. Mystic Journeyman – “Depths Of Survival” 
118. Ange – “Biafra 80 Introduction” 
119. Dickey – “Acid House” 
120. The Gadgets – “Kyleaking” 
121. Todd Rundgren – “Johnee Jingo” 
122. John Renbourn – “Bransle Gay” 
123. YMO – “Behind The Mask” 
124. Mac Dre – “California Livin” 
125. 94 East – “If You Feel Like Dancin’” Feat Prince 
126. Burundi Black – “Burundi Black” 
127. Madvillain- “Curls” 
128. Dorothy Ashby – “Soul Vibrations” 
129. Roy Ayers – “DC City” 
130. Robotiks – “Electromagnetic Seduction” 
131. Slave – “The World’s On Hard” 
132. Diva – “Glow Worm” 
133. Spinners – “Games People Play” 
134. Future – “Progressions” 
135. Was Not Was – “Wheel Me Out” 
136. Ideal – “Ride Me” 
137. Cabaret Voltaire – “Three Mantras” 
138. Egyptian Lover – “Egypt, Egypt”

Hour 8

139. Dam-Funk – “Galactic Funk” 
140. Fast Eddie – “Most Wanted” 
141. Duane & Co. – “JB On The One” 
142. Todd Terry – “It’s Just In House” 
143. Lootpack – ” Long Awaited” Inst. 
144. Lootpack – “Crate Diggin’” 
145. Peaking Lights – “Beautiful Dub” 
146. Bruce Haack – “EIO” 
147. Homeboy Sandman – “The Carpenter” 
148. Impulse – “Girl Over There” 
149. Blaine L. Reininger – “Nural Haj” 
150. Can – “A Spectacle” 
151. New Musik – “The Planet Doesn’t Mind” 
152. Human League – “Hard Times” Inst 
153. Nas – “New York State Of Mind” 
154. Guilty Simpson – “Clap Your Hands” 
155. Charizma PB Wolf – “My World Premier” Inst.

Hour 9

156. East Flatbush Project – “Tried By 12” 
157. Jeru The Damaja – “Come Clean” 
158. Public Enemy – “Shut Em Down” (Pete Rock Remix) 
159. KMD – “Nitty Gritty” 
160. Tristan Palma – “Good Bye Baby” 
161. King Island Errison – “We Must Say Goodbye” 
162. Wayne Jarrett – “Brimstone & Fire” 
163. Gary Wilson – “6.4” 
164. Z – Climax One 
165. Coventry – “Nightklub” 
166. Slave – “Snap Shot” 
167. Non PL – “Picks Me Up” 
168. Ricky Clark – “Flam” 
169. The SNAP Band – “Can You Feel My Love” 
170. Hurbert Laws – “Family”

Hour 10

171. Stairsteps – “Throwin’ Stones Atcha” 
172. New Order – “Ceremony” 
173. Todd Runagren – “In & Out Of Chakras We Go” 
174. Lover II – “I’m Still Hurt” 
175. Marley Marl – “Get Get Get It Now” 
176. Madlib – “Steppin’ Again” 
177. PB Wolf – “Casio Beats’ 
178. Love Joy – “Long Lost Lover” 
179. The Second Coming – “New World A Coming” 
180. Dam-Funk – “Don’t Go Swag” Live 
181. Lonnie Liston Smith – “Expansions” 
182. Ray, Goodman, & Brown – “Another Day” 
183. Steve Miller – “Steve Miller’s Midnight Tango” 
184. New Birth – “Pretty Busy” 
185. James Taylor – “Automatic Reverse” 
186. Sergio Mendes – “The Real Thing” 
187. Pharoah Sanders – “Love Is Everywhere” 

Hour 9

156. East Flatbush Project – “Tried By 12”
157. Jeru The Damaja – “Come Clean”
158. Public Enemy – “Shut Em Down” (Pete Rock Remix)
159. KMD – “Nitty Gritty”
160. Tristan Palma – “Good Bye Baby”
161. King Island Errison – “We Must Say Goodbye”
162. Wayne Jarrett – “Brimstone & Fire”
163. Gary Wilson – “6.4”
164. Z – Climax One
165. Coventry – “Nightklub”
166. Slave – “Snap Shot”
167. Non PL – “Picks Me Up”
168. Ricky Clark – “Flam”
169. The SNAP Band – “Can You Feel My Love”
170. Hurbert Laws – “Family”

Hour 10

171. Stairsteps – “Throwin’ Stones Atcha”
172. New Order – “Ceremony”
173. Todd Runagren – “In & Out Of Chakras We Go”
174. Lover II – “I’m Still Hurt”
175. Marley Marl – “Get Get Get It Now”
176. Madlib – “Steppin’ Again”
177. PB Wolf – “Casio Beats’
178. Love Joy – “Long Lost Lover”
179. The Second Coming – “New World A Coming”
180. Dam-Funk – “Don’t Go Swag” Live
181. Lonnie Liston Smith – “Expansions”
182. Ray, Goodman, & Brown – “Another Day”
183. Steve Miller – “Steve Miller’s Midnight Tango”
184. New Birth – “Pretty Busy”
185. James Taylor – “Automatic Reverse”
186. Sergio Mendes – “The Real Thing”
187. Pharoah Sanders – “Love Is Everywhere”