Dig this: Funny or Die’s Daft Punk parody

The latest instalment of Daft Punk's The Collaborators is here. “Every now and then some people come along and make an album that will change the world forever, change the universe for eternity,” a voiceover begins, as 'Get Lucky' starts playing in the background. “And someone needs to serve those people some pizza, because they get hungry.”

Most recently, Chilly Gonzales shared his thoughts on Daft Punk. Chilly is joining the line-up of high caliber collaborators who've already gotten to talk about their experiences: Giorgio Moroder, Pharell Williams, Panda Bear, Todd Edwards and Nile Rodgers. While most of the talks have been insightful and magical as they were intended, some parts have been ridiculed before. It might've been Pharrell's description that got Andrew the Piazza Guy so worked up. The r'n'b artist, at one point with full serious game face:“Somewhere outside of the ether that we exist in is a multitude of realms of possibility, and alternate directions…”

“You look around and pizza these days has no soul. But here comes this pair, and they order something from a whole other era,” one of Andrew the Pizza Guy’s insights begins. “It’s like they captured everything that was great about pizza in the 70s, and made it their own. But at the same time, this thing is a modern masterpiece. There were toppings on this thing I didn’t even know we had.” Check out the parody below, and spot the HARD Events figurehead Gary Richards aka Destructo making a cameo at the end!

The Daft Punk Collaborators: Chilly Gonzales

The episode 6 of The Collaborators, sees Chilly Gonzales sit down behind a piano to share his thoughts on the experience. Virtuoso piano player, and music producer, Chilly describes Daft Punk as having the true key to our zeitgeist. So there always a little bit ahead of everybody else knowing what moods and keys to use for a transcendent result! Enjoy!

Video for fresh Disclosure tune ‘You & Me’ ft. Eliza Doolittle

The video's exactly how you'd visualize the 90's r'n'b flavor tune that the Disclosure duo cooked up with the help of Eliza Doolittle. The forthcoming album is due out June 3rd, and this is another buzz accelerating tune from it. Go along the trip through Europe filled with backflips, 4-wheelers, romance and a giant dildo?!. Don't forget to crank up the bass for the acid house bass!

Fedde le Grand official video for ‘Rockin N’ Rollin’

The Dutch electro star is 'Rockin N' Rollin' with yet another release. Trademark basslines, intense synthesizers and some 'Robot Rock'  influences in the track. Climbing its way to the buzz charts after its release last week, it's now gotten an official video. Enjoy the favorite colors of Kavinsky in the visual piece!

Watch: A-Trak & Tommie Sunshine official video

If you've paid attention to A-Trak's undertakings, it isn't possible you haven't heard 'Tuna Melt'. The electrifying 4-track EP was released through Fools Gold in the end of 2012. Featuring Tommy Trash as well as Oliver, GTA and Atlantis, the EP got recognized instantly. Now, 'Tuna Melt Remixes' has also been released, and the title track's gotten a video to go with it. The video entertains in true A-Trak fashion!

Directed by Ryan Staake

Dominos & Kinetics: Kinetic King (Tim Fort)