A Sit Down With DJ Luciano

Lucien Nicolet, aka Luciano, has been actively involved in the dance music industry since the ripe old age of sixteen when he deserted the constrictive world of punk rock for greener pastures. However, before reaching Nirvana Luciano had to lough through the barren wastelands of anonymity as he struggled to make a name for himself in Chile during the 90’s.


“For me the most important thing is for people to come just to listen to music and not just to listen to what they know.”


You started DJing at sixteen and producing in 1997. Would you now consider yourself a DJ or producer?

I think I’ve always been more of a producer. I came into music and DJing because I was a guitar player in a punk band at school. I always liked the producing thing. The reason I suddenly fell into producing electronic music was not only because of DJing but also because I was tired of the band. With the band all my inspiration and all the music I wanted to do was depending on the drummer, or the bass player, or the other guy. If the bass player or the singer wasn’t seeing the future of music then it became a problem for me because I couldn’t really realize what I wanted to do. So a machine was the perfect solution. There was a band called Berurier Noir, which was a French band. It was a punk rock band that played guitars but they had drum machines. I was playing along with it like an imbecile. Then suddenly all the harder music I was doing became slower.

How do you divide time between tours and records, family and career?
Well it’s kind of difficult but I find a way to manage everything. My wife is rather cool about this and she’s very supportive so there’s no problem with that. And tours and records well that sort of come together depending on how your manager arranges them and I have Mousa here who does good job for me, so… And also, I’m now quite selective with booking dates – I don’t just take all the dates they offer. Being selective is finally not that bad because I still do quality gigs in the best clubs in the world and I still have time for other things, family, recordings… And this is the first time ever you set foot in Indonesia? Yes correct, but in Asia though not the first time, I’ve been to Japan for six times already, then Thailand.

What has it been like playing at the new Hï Ibiza?

Hï Ibiza has been incredible. They are still in the middle of the process of people reminiscing about the old giant that was Space, but when there is a place that has so much history and where so many stories have happened, it takes a while for people to accept that it’s gone and also to accept that something new is born. A kid needs two or three years to learn how to walk and talk, and that’s the same for a new club. Hï Ibiza is very different to what Space was; every detail is taken care of whereas Space was born in chaos and then became super professional at the end. But that transition takes time.

Is there anything you would change if you could go back in time?

No. I’m not the one who should dictate anything to anybody. But what I’ve seen lately is the community that we used to have is more spread now, and everyone has the intention to be better than the other DJ, this is division. It divides people. What I always loved about Ibiza was this unity thing that we always had. You can still find it at some places on the island. But now, it’s almost every day you have a party with underground music, and you don’t really know where to go and where you’re gonna find your old friends. It’s good for the people who come and dance because they have more opportunities to different parties, listen to different DJs who are newer. But I would say that for the inner scene, it divides. The division is hard.

And suddenly, you’re at the top of the DJ’s, how do you explain it?

It was an ongoing process. At first I did not really think about becoming a DJ. The only thing I wanted was to have fun.

What is next for you ? What are your plans for the future regarding music ?

I have so much unreleased music from myself that I’m busy planning the next EPs, LPs and whatever comes to mind!

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