CNTRL tour

Talks: Richie Hawtin & Loco Dice about EDM & CNTRL Tour

To EDM or not to EDM, is that the question? Well Richie Hawtin has an answer, sort of. He sat down with Loco Dice to discuss and comment on the latest developments in the scene of electronic dance music and digital technology overall. They’re also elaborating on their conquest of Colleges in North-America.

“The events focus on the techno and technology aspects of modern-day electronic music, presenting the more futuristic and underground side of the genre, as championed by HAWTIN and DICE and their peers for the last two decades.”

The tour similar to what Tiesto’s done a couple of times is called CNTRL: Beyond EDM. Joining them in this endeavour with select performances are Seth Troxler, Josh Wink, Gaiser, Victor Calderone, tINI, Kevin Saunderson, Ean Golden and Paco Osuna. It has been said that this is an opportunity for students to discover electronic and techno music. Yeah right, like they haven’t already been partying to the most jacking stuff all year long! Although the press release gives raise to the possibility they may actually get some education in the field. Read and watch the press releases below! Latest updates can be found on their facebook page.

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