Teyana Taylor’s Ballroom Take On ‘Cinderella’

If you don’t know, let me educate you. It stands for “Work This P-ssy” and it’s the final track off of Taylor’s KTSE album. The song is practically made for Ball culture, which is known for its voguing and strutting, and Teyana is ready to unleash the House of Petunia!

With her quadruple-threat credentials, Teyana Taylor is something of a unicorn in the world of music. Her most recent album, K.T.S.E., which she released last year on Kanye West’s label GOOD music, garnered much critical acclaim; she’s been a force on the runway as well; first at Yeezy in 2016, then at Philipp Plein two years ago, where she had the audience enrapt, vogueing along the catwalk. Did we mention that she’s not only a peerless dancer (need I remind you of that “Fade” music video?), but also an actress, too, playing a role in last year’s The After Party. With her new self-directed video for “WTP,” Taylor proves she’s slick behind the camera, too—and that officially makes her a quintuple (!) threat.

The video is a kind of Cinderella story focusing on the new York Ball scene. Taylor plays the inconspicuous newcomer, who reluctantly takes on her more experienced colleagues. With a little encouragement from her fairy godmother (also known as Mykki Blanco), she finally takes the plunge to throw herself onto the dance floor with a red hot wig, a black pvc bikini set with chain links, fishnet tights and an emerald fur coat.

You think you know the story of Cinderella… you don’t until you have watched Teyana Taylor’s “WTP” music video.

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