Steve Angello donated $5000 TO ILL YOUNG GIRL

In a move of touching compassion and charity, producer Steve Angello donated $5000 to the family of a little girl in desperate need of a liver transplant.

The former Swedish House Mafia don was approached on Instagram by the girl’s father (IG name Rydri). He highlighted little Allie’s illness to Angello, himself a father of two daughters, and directed him towards the GoFundMe page they set up to fund her operation. Angello donated $5k and moved them significantly closer to their goal of $15k.

The GoFundMe page reads: “At two months old, Allie was diagnosed with the liver disease Biliary Atresia. If left untreated, children with this disease do not typically make it past 2-3 years old. The first step in her journey to recovery was the Kasai surgical procedure, in which part of her small intestine was connected to her liver to allow proper bile drainage . Unfortunately after a few months of close monitoring post surgery, the Kasai was deemed unsuccessful. Allie’s liver is still not functioning properly and her condition will worsen with time. Her only chance at survival is liver transplantation.”


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