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A Sit Down With DJ Phonat

In the last few years Phonat has become one of the most respected and esteemed electronic producers in Europe first coming to our attention with the release of his eponymous debut album ‘Phonat’ and since going on to find in productions in the bags of and name in the mouth of some of electronic music’s […]

A Sit Down With Paolo Mojo

His productions are the backbone of his music, where his personal sound finds expression and is shared with the world. With releases on such labels as Mouseville, Bedrock, Toolroom, Renaissance, Positiva, EQ Recordings, and many more, his sound has been spreading its way across the globe to a wide audience. With the way his newest […]

A Sit Down With DJ 16 Bit Lolitas

Hailing from Amsterdam, Peter Kriek and Ariaan Olieroock have made beautiful music together for nearly 15 years. If you aren’t familiar with the name 16 Bit Lolitas, you should be – the duo has been releasing music on the Anjunadeep label since 2008 and has an extensive catalog. Some of their most notable tracks include […]

A Sit Down With Soul Clap

The glory behind Soul Clap is the funk and soul they bring to the dancefloor. Their musical output is not only limited to four to the floor House beats, instead they focus on an infectious groove. They’ve done it all from House to Disco, to R&B to you name it, creating their own sound known […]

A Sit Down With DJ John Acquaviva

Electrionic Music Pioneer winner, John Acquaviva has flourished at the heart of the electronic music scene as a DJ, Producer and Entrepreneur. He began his international career in 1989 with Richie Hawtin by founding one of the world’s best known and influential techno labels, Plus 8 Records.   “For DJ’s – play, play, play. It […]

A Sit Down With DJ Astral Projection

During their 25 years of work, Astral have developed their own distinctive sound and style. They produce multi-layered melodic Goa trance, rich with sounds and colors. They have released some of the biggest hits of the 90`s like Mahadeba, People Can Fly, Kabalah & Dancing Galaxy, hits that still get remixed and played to these […]

A Sit Down With DJ Steve Bug

For the first half decade of his career Steve Bug was an also ran of the European house scene, in an age when underground dance music was largely dominated by American producers. In 1999 all of that changed. Although his productions had previously been noticed by DJs playing a deeper, stripped back house sound, not […]

A Sit Down With DJ Oliver Huntemann

Oliver Huntemann is one of the most experienced artists you’ll encounter in your exploration of techno. He’s been DJing for 34 years—since the age of 14—and has witnessed the evolution of techno, mixing, and production technology from his roots in northwestern Germany to the far reaches of the world. I had the pleasure of sitting […]

A Sit Down With DJ Ronski Speed

The leader of the German label Euphonic Records, Ronny Newman (Ronny Newman), more known to the progressive trance fans under the pseudonym Ronski Speed, never stands still. In his passport for sure there is no place for the seals of the border services, because in his years he managed to travel almost the entire world, […]

A Sit Down With DJ David Tort

As a waypoint for eclectic musicians perform as they blow through town, maybe on an international tour, maybe at a house party for friends, Los Angeles has certainly seen more than its share of talented music shows. Hailing from Spain, music producer and DJ David Tort has been tearing up the charts the world over […]

A Sit Down With DJ Prodigy

The Prodigy’s journey started over two decades ago. The UK based electronic music trio were among the pioneers of the big beat sound that dominated the ‘90s and 2000s. Even in 2013, the band continues to deliver a matchless live show full of energy, punk vocals, and of course their no-nonsense approach to electronic instrumentation […]

A Sit Down With DJ Mark Sherry

In 2014 he founded Outburst Records, which has had releases supported by an abundance of a-list DJs within the dance music scene. On Saturday 14th November his label will host one of the rooms at Trance Sunctuary, so we quizzed the man himself about the label, productions and those classic tracks.   “My music has […]