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Must-See: Smog Records first compilation & documentary (Updated!)

Smog Records is boosting its anticipated compilation album release with a doc. The film of America’s Dubstep kingpin John Dadzie, better known for alias 12th Planet, is directed by Adam Leao and Mollie Tarlow. Although it started out focusing around the frontman of SMOG, it ended up being about the SMOG family and journey over the past years. Adam Leo said in an interview that he thinks they’ve captured the life of the LA DJ/Producer John Dadzie alias 12th Planet, but during the project it became something much bigger than that. Take a look at the trailer released few days ago. The movie has premiered on the label’s website this Thursday. Watch it here!

In conjunction with the movie, SMOG Records announced that the full digital release of the 9-track compilation ‘SMOG CITY’ will be released on 30th October, representing the label’s history with dubstep as well as its continuous evolution in the sounds of bass music. John Dadzie, better known for alias 12th Planet, has declared that ‘SMOG CITY’ is a culmination of five years work on his highly influential record label SMOG. Dadzie has promised lots of bass on the upcoming release – a mix of traditional dubstep, trap and new-school dubstep with some underground SMOG vibe ontop.

SMOG started out in 2006 as an event production company, but grew into a label and a lifestyle brand in with the initiative of John Dadzie, Drew Best and Danny Johnson. On the roster there’s artists such as Flinch, SPL, Noah D, Kelly Dean and DLX. There’s also been many collaborations with people like Skrillex, Kill The Noise, Datsik, Doctor. P, Distance, Excision and Plastician.

Tracklist for the new album:

1.) 12th Planet & Antiserum – Bass Salt
2.) SPL – Close To You
3.) Flinch – Up All Night
4.) The Juggernaut – Nudrobe
5.) Noah D – Diamond Heights
6.) Kelly Dean – Papparazzi
7.) Flinch & Bare – Artform
8.) SPL – H.A.M.
9.) Antiserum & Djunya – Soul Gravy

Check out some of the tracks from ‘SMOG CITY’

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