A Sit Down With DJ Wally Lopez

Well known as a DJ, radio host, producer and Spanish entrepreneur Wally Lopez, he is actually much more than all of that. He is also, and above all, an incurably curious person. At a very early age, thirteen to be precise, and driven by that curiosity to ‘see something and want to know how it was done,’ he began his journey along the music path.


“The only thing I want is to be happy and happy with my music.”


Who is the first Dj that got you to be a Dj?

I think is Oscar Mulero. In Madrid he is like a religion. At that time we didn’t have internet, so you didn’t have any idea of who was who, but it was incredible how in Madrid everybody was talking about Oscar and how they admired him. To be honest, I learnt a lot from Oscar and from Ike, from both. They started in Omen at 12h till the end, they were residents with a capital R, which has lost. We try to bring it back this summer with Heart, and the night would have the same musical harmony. The residence essence has to come back.

Do you play to the crowd when you DJ, or just play what you want?

The most important thing is to transmit a good flow to the crowd. Connecting with the crowd is the most important reason why you are playing, but I always try to offer a mix between them. My intention has been always to play to the crowd with my own music style. Moreover, every DJ must feel good with his music.

What are you focusing on in the music right now?

I’m producing again like crazy, I have releases coming out on Global Underground and Yoshitoshi, Flash Mob, great labels. I’ve been doing this more than half my life, so it’s up and down. Sometimes you want to do more music, sometimes you want to travel a lot, so now I am trying to be more focused on making music again.

How would you describe the music?

Nowadays it’s really difficult to describe the music style of someone. There are lots of genres inside the electronic music and most DJs are not purist when they play. So, most of them mix tracks of differing styles. But if I had to describe my stuff I would say it’s a mix of house, tech house and techno.

What have been some of your favorite moments in your career?

I have so many favorite moments. For instance I always remember the opening and closing nights of Space Ibiza. And I used to play in a car park. It was like a festival, 7000 people. The car park was the best, it was only special for opening and closing.

What keeps you excited after all your years doing this?

My passion for music and my addiction to playing and production. I have been a music lover since I was young. This is one of the most important reasons why I’m still having fun when I play music – because I still feel like a child! Another reason is the good vibe that the crowd offer me when I’m playing. The feeling is just, well, indescribable.

What tips do you have for any DJs out there dreaming about being big stars In Ibiza?

First of all, it is important to not want to be a big star; I reckon that is a big limitation for somebody just starting out. For me, this job is still my hobby, I used to say that I got paid for all the travelling and being on a plane while they let me have fun playing music in a club. DJs should always remember that it’s all about fun and music culture, not just about wanting to be famous.

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