A Sit Down With DJ Morgan Page

He was born Morgan Wolf Page in Burlington, Vermont. Morgan got his start early by interning while in grade school at German record label Plastic City. While attending Champlain Valley Union High School Morgan became a DJ on the University of Vermont’s college radio station Wruv 90.1FM. Morgan attended Emerson College in Boston, MA.

Versatility remains the key to longevity. Any artist must be able to deliver regardless of the setting, whether it’s in the studio or on stage. For producer Morgan Page, it doesn’t matter where he is. His number one concern is sharing quality music.


“I think the hardest part is that I think every song is going to be amazing and be a hit record. Sometimes that is not the case, and other times some songs have done better than I thought it would.”


When did you first start DJ’ing?

I first started DJ’ing on college radio at the University of Vermont, while in high school. They didn’t require you to be a student, so I started filling in for DJs that weren’t showing up for their slots.

Who or what is the most musically influenced to you? If so, why is that?

My biggest influence is probably a mix of various singer-songwriters, and Daft Punk. I like fusing together two different sounds that can complement each other well.

How did you get into being a DJ, being from an area famous for producing maple syrup and the band Phish?

The University of Vermont had a local DJ show, If I hadn’t heard that on the radio I wouldn’t be playing. We actually have a maple tree and a small ski lodge.

Do you do a lot of producing when you’re touring, or do you tend to really work in the studio?

Pretty much I save it for when I’m back with big speakers back in the studio. I do get to do some stuff on the road, but more like edits and mash-ups and the radio show.

With over a decade of performances, what’s been your favorite or most memorable performance so far?

Playing Coachella was a big highlight – also EDC and Burning Man. I’ll never forget those shows. I really like festivals that have unique locations and aren’t just a parking lot outside a stadium.

Tell us about Don’t Give Up. What is the message that you’re putting across?

A big part of the song is about having the faith to keep pushing in a relationship and overcome those everyday obstacles you encounter. Every good relationship has its share of conflict and resolution.

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