A Sit Down With DJ Jochen Miller

Netherlands-born, Jochen Miller, started his career at an early age. DJing was one of his hobbies as a teen, playing under the alias “DJ Jochen”. Now, many years later, his name, which he started using as a replacement alias in 2003, is known worldwide. Throughout his career, he’s played at massive festivals like Electric Daisy Carnival, Ultra Music Festival, and Tomorrowland and many club events.


“Music is and has always been my passion, so to start producing my own music was a very natural step for me.”

Working closely with Armada Music over the years, what is your favorite thing about working with that label?

The enthusiasm of my label manager Onno is very inspiring and has pushed me even further as an artist.

In the past few years the festival circuit has totally exploded, as has the popularity of EDM and other genres of electronic music. Can you tell me a little bit about how you think that’s affected the scene and the music being made?

Yeah, in the US, it’s blowing up so fast. There are so many different styles. It’s so big. Like trance is still big and i think it’s coming up again. There was never a big hype around trance, but it’s still coming back right now very big. EDM is still up there. Deep house is taking over right now as well. There are so many different styles of music and I think for everyone who likes EDM and these different genres, everyone’s got a great festival nowadays and I think that’s a really good thing.

Your latest release “Rotunda” was produced with Markus Schulz. What is it like working with him?

Markus and I met up in Miami this year at the WMC. We had been really appreciative of each other’s work and were thrilled that we were able to create some time in our schedules to hit the studio together. We got into a great flow immediately and the result of that you’ve heard! It was great fun working with Markus, as he’s not only really professional but also just a great guy to be around!

What typically inspires you whilst producing?

That’s totally different every day, one time it’s just the fact that the sun is shining, the other time a beautiful sound, then my daughter, my wife or a movie…

As a well-known international producer, I wonder what made you decide to become a music producer. What were your motives back then?

Well, I’ve been a DJ for as long as I can remember, started at a very young age. But even back then, I was always editing the tracks I played, a little shorter here, an extra vocal, a little more bass there… So at a certain point I felt the urge to actually start making music myself, to try to produce the tracks I would want to be the highlight in my sets.

How often do you take days off from work? What do you usually do in your days off?
I have no time for rest at the moment. I just got back from a tour in Canada. Six gigs in four days, six flights, and five night in the hotel rooms. I only went back home for one day, then I am here. The week before I was even in USA. I’m so busy making an album too. I have to arrive home next Tuesday at 6 o’clock in the morning, continued heading to the studio at 7 AM. Then at 8 o’clock, I will arrive at the studio. The studio where I’m working in right now is near the Schipol airport. That’s the reason I go directly from the plane to the studio. But I love what I am doing. For me, it’s the best job in the world. I’m tired, but I love what I’m doing. A lot of my energy come from the crowd all the time.

If you could only listen to three songs for the rest of your life, which three would you choose?

Well. There has to be a Coldplay song in that list, as I’m a huge fan. If I had to choose, I think ‘Adventure of a Lifetime’ is my favorite. Then there’s a Dutch song by Marco Borsato called ‘Dochters,’ which is about the relationship between a dad and his daughter, a very beautiful song that gets me every time I hear it, because it’s so recognizable for me being the father of a girl. And of course I’d like to hear at least one of my own songs, maybe ‘Rotunda’ or ‘Lost Connection.’

What is the best part of life as a DJ?

To be able to be involved in music all day each day, in every aspect of it. Whether it’s producing my own music, editing other artist’s music or playing both, I just love it all. And it never ceases to amaze me that wherever in the world you go, no matter what culture or religion, music is the language we all understand.

What is the best and worst advice you’ve been given throughout your career?

The best advice I’ve been given is to stay my own course no matter what. I’m very ambitious, but I cannot play or produce a certain style of music just because it’s hot at that moment. Of course my style in music may have changed slightly over the years, but that’s just my taste evolving. Can’t remember the worst, when given unwanted and bad advice, it goes in one ear and out the other. I don’t have time to contemplate on that either, there’s tracks to be made and parties to attend.

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