A Sit Down With DJ Dinka

The queen of Progressive House; the pioneer of ­summery beach anthems; a multi talent on the modern dance ­music horizon.
Tamara Hunkeler“, known as “Dinka“, has a love for the uplifting side of EDM. Tamara brought a breath of fresh air into the house music scene and quickly gained a fan base for her music all around the globe.


“I always attempt to create a musical journey for every listener, and therefore melodies are the most efficient message to join forces and bring out the most touchy songs to the people!”


You were born in Switzerland.” It is really a beautiful country where many artists were born and grew up. Do you think if you were born somewhere else – would you be making music?

Of course, my homeland is very inspiring to me – I think you already know how beautiful nature is here. However, I believe that each of us finds our own way, analyzing the opportunities that are open to us. If I were born in another country – maybe I would not have the choice that introduced me in Switzerland, and it may very well be that I would find myself in something else. Who knows…

The name ‘Dinka’, is related to the African culture, coming from the name of an African tribal group in Southern Sudan. How did you come across the name and why did you decide to keep your stage name that?

I’ve been amazed by their story of fighting for their culture. And it seemed to be the right start to connect continents. I want people to be aware of everything happening on this planet. And on a second level to accept and share similarities rather than go crazy about differences.

Tell me about Helvetic Nerds?

Helvetic Nerds is a DJ group from Switzerland, Helvetic takes the name from Helvetika, and we consider ourselves nerd, be the word Helvetic Nerds. Our members include Chriss Reece, Daniel Portman, Leventia, Passenger10 etc. We often gather and make songs together.

Your creativity is concentrated mainly around the style of progressive house, your music is very melodic and multifaceted. Have you tried yourself in other styles, or is progressive house the love of your whole life?

When I was younger, I listened mostly to trance. But in general, I like completely different music, but progressive house stands out clearly among all genres and directions.

The EDM scene in India has been growing at a immense pace, are you looking to collaborate with any Indian artists in the future?

I’m always interested in international collaborations you know. I’m working on a project with an Irish singer at the time, but as I mentioned maybe there will be an opportunity in the future.

You have close to 26,000 fans on ­Facebook now and about 5,000 on Twitter. How important do you think social media is for upcoming producers and artists? Does a DJ getting booked for shows depend on the popularity gained through social media?

Yes and yes, it is important.

What`s on your mind as you`re looking onto a huge crowd down to your original tracks?
When I’m looking at a crowd, I think of all the sleepless nights I had to actually get this far, and how these are the moments that make it all worthwhile.

Some of your works include live instrumental parts, for example, in the track “On the Beach” there is a chic guitar solo. Is it really a record of live sound, or is it a masterpiece of sound engineering?

I always use live instruments, because no synthesizer is able to convey the atmosphere and sensuality that is inherent in the sound of the same piano or guitar. If you do not put your soul into the music, creating it in the studio, then the listener is unlikely to “hook” it.

You have traveled much throughout your career, and still do today. What has been your most inspirational trip and why?

Definitely Japan. It was and still is my favorite Asian country. The way people handle life regarding treating each other, regarding handling every day business is impressive and inspiring.

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