A Sit Down With DJ Danny Howard

Danny Howard has been a household name for dance lovers for the past three years, starting his rocket to fame on the white isle where he won the BBC Radio 1 Superstar DJ competition and soon after secured himself a slot on Radio 1 with ‘Dance Anthems with Danny Howard’. At an admirable 26 years old, it’s fair to say that Danny’s done pretty well for himself.


“A fast pace, something that you enjoy and know, but the key word is energy – if there’s energy in the music that will come through into your running.”


How has your sound progressed in the last 3 years?

I’d like to give you a definitive answer on that, but I can’t. My sound is just so all over the place – and not in a way that I don’t know what I’m doing, or I can’t make my mind up, it’s because I think it’s important for me as a broadcaster to try and represent different areas of dance music where I can. In my club sets it’s still more the big-room house side of things, but on the radio I can play anything from drum’n’bass to house to deep house to big room to Electro… If it’s good music and it’s got the key ingredient which is energy, then I’ll play it!

What is it about dance music that is so special? Why are you so passionate about it?

I think because so many sub genres fall under the umbrella, you can connect with so many different types of people, so many different tastes. It’s the only genre that can bring so many different types of people together. Alone it can make you feel good. At a party it can set the atmosphere off.

Do you listen to music while you run?

Always. I can’t exercise without listening to music. A lot of my friends at university did research into whether music enhances performance, and I don’t care what the results were on that because in my case it does. If you’ve got a good mix on, or a song that you like, it helps you run or push yourself that little bit further.

Apart from the mighty Judge Jules – which DJ’s have inspired you in the past and would you most like to perform with?

Jules is a legend and a true pioneer of dance music. He’s the perfect example of how to play the ‘game’ in the DJ world as it’s a tough industry to be successful in so if I have a career like him, I will be very happy! Aside from Jules, my hero is Erick Morillo. Another legend and I’ve never seen anyone work a dance floor like this guy! Simply unbelievable.

You have played numerous venues around the island. Do you have a favourite? Also, do you find you have to vary your style depending on which venue you play?

Great question and yes I do! Pacha I play straight up house, little bit of tech, little bit of deep and just stuff with great groove. At Cream, Amnesia, I treat it a bit more like a festival set so theirs definitely a lot of ‘bigger’ moments and theirs no greater feeling of making that legendary terrace go crazy. I think it’s the perfect combination for me playing the two venues and it tests my versatility as a DJ…

What do you like to do in Ibiza other than DJing? Do you have a favourite place/beach/restaurant?

Café Mambo has to be one of my favourite spots – their chicken strips are out of this world. Give them a try! Also I really like KM5 and Bambuddha Grove to eat or if you’re in San Antonio, give ‘Tapas’ a try. If you get the opportunity, get across to Formentera… the best beaches I’ve ever seen in the world!

What’s the best thing about Ibiza?

That’s easy – the music and DJs. But there’s so much more – the amazing food, beaches, and the culture you ought to immerse yourself in when you visit. Then there’s hiring a boat for the day, or sitting at Café Mambo with a bite to eat as the sun sets and a DJ plays behind you. It’s a really special part of the world.

What`s the best advice you could give to student who want to become DJs?

The advice I’d give is to work hard, take opportunities because you never know what will happen – the only reason I entered that competition was because my friends and family heard the advertisement and told me to enter. You never know.

And if your life hadn’t taken you down the music path, where do you think you’d be today?

I’d always planned to be a sports psychologist because that’s what I studied at university. My original plan was to be working with the athletes at the 2012 Olympics, but when 2012 finally arrived I was actually working at Radio 1! I don’t think anyone could have guessed that, least of all me!

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