A Sit Down With DJ Cosmic Gate

Cosmic Gate, the duo made up of Bossi and Nic Chagall, have been around since the late 1990’s. With many hit tracks such as “Exploration of Space” and “Fire Wire” to name a few, the duo has continuously produced epic music throughout the years. Throughout the ever-changing electronic music scene, both Nic and Bossi have been able to stay true to themselves and to the music they create.


“We love what we do, we stay true to ourselves when it comes to music production and DJ sets. We wouldn’t be around anymore, if we would have to follow every hype.”


How did you guys meet?

We met in a studio of a record label in Cologne. We both were already releasing our own records by that time and had first success with solo projects. When we first met we had a good chat about music and felt a good connection.

What are you doing in the studio to distinguish your music from other artists?

We do what we did since the beginning: create music we like, not follow trends, try to set new standards and always evolve from the production before! We produce music that touches us, however the result in the end will sound.

How does it make you feel after seeing how popular dance music has become? After witnessing and being a part of the progression over the last few decades?

It’s just fantastic! At the beginning we called it techno. Or is it dance music, or EDM? In the end EDM is the perfect term – it was taking over by a certain kind of baseline music. If EDM is big, we have been fighting for it. I’ve lost a job as a DJ because I said, “I want to play techno,” and the place said no! Two years later, he had to get me back because he wanted a techno night, so we were there from day one and it’s our thing, so to see how big it is, to see dance music take over radio and stuff is just amazing. To have major festivals. We talked about it the other day. You could easily complain of course about how commercial things got but then again, if only 10 or 20% of those people that go in when they are very young play commercial music, then when they grow and develop they go into techno or progressive. That is where they first start but then they grow and it’s actually very good. You get as many people as you can and then everyone finds their love, their need.

If you could, name a few of your most memorable shows over the last decade of your career.

Wow, this is a hard question to answer, as we were blessed with so many great shows over the years. The first memorable show was Trance Energy back in 2002, which was something like the start of our international career. A lot of requests form all over the world happened after this performance. Amazing festivals over the years followed, like Tomorrowland, EDC, and Creamfields. Clubs like Zouk Singapore, The Guvernment in Toronto, State in Buenos Aires, and Ministry of Sound in London. Some solo shows like in the Palladium LA or in Melbourne for 5000 people are fantastic memories for us too. All of these events are worth being mentioned, and we are sure we forgot some that belong in here as well. Most importantly, we hope there are more to come!

At this moment, what are some of your immediate career goals?

This is hard to say. We take it as it comes. The most important thing is to stay healthy. For the rest, we work hard and enjoy what we do! Of course, we’re hoping our career goes up as it constantly did during the last years already.

Do you have any advice for any DJs planning on collaborating with other artists following your experience in this way of working?

In the end every collaboration works in different ways, sometimes you hit the studio together, sometimes one side starts an idea and the other one adds to that, there is no advice we could give how these things work, its basically freestyle all the time, and this is the interesting part of it. What’s most complicated often is to find time and keep a deadline with so many busy schedules involved, this might be the hardest issue to solve, when the musical side harmonies it still doesn’t mean its easy in the end when all parties involved travel a lot, but somehow in the end so far we got it worked out somehow.

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