A Sit Down With DJ Brennan Heart

Fabian Bohn of the Netherlands, known by the stage name Brennan Heart, started his career as a duo with DJ Thera in 2002 then called Brennan & Heart. He began his early years experimenting in Techno, Hard trance, and Tech trance before focusing all his efforts on creating his Hard style sound. After parting ways in 2005 with DJ Thera, Bohn went on to satisfy Hardstyler’s with over 100 releases, 2 albums and numerous Festival Anthems.



“I think it’s important to have a home-base or a home platform for your own sound or your own thing. The label is a great way to say to the whole world exactly what you’re doing .”


What is the craziest thing that has happened to you at a music festival?

I once played at a festival in Belgium and a photographer was making photo’s and suddenly I felt something ticking against my leg. But I thought she wanted to take a photo of me or something, nothing special. When I looked down I saw she was having an epileptic seizure on the floor inside the DJ booth. Luckily quickly people came to help and she was okay afterwards. But I remember that the audience on the other side had no idea of what was going on.

Who were your musical influences growing up outside of EDM?

ABBA. To be honest, when it comes to composing music, their really simple songs are the ones that stand out. And they’re simple in a good way. There’s no need to over complicate music. People might think I’m joking when I say ABBA but it was this kind of ‘80s/90s music that really influenced today’s electronic music. Disco and old pop are basically the foundation of dance music.”

What’s the feeling you have when you play something out for the very first time?

Yeah, it’s a little bit shaky because they don’t know how to respond. It’s the first time they hear it too so sometimes you never know how it works when that first beat drops, it’s a surprise. Sometimes people go crazy and other times they need to hear it four or five times first, but yeah I’m excited tonight.

You collaborate a lot with Atmozfears. Where does this connection come from and how do you ‘complete’ each other in the studio?

Tim has the same feeling for hard style as I do, we connect with the same taste for euphoric hard style. Collaborating with Tim was done in separate studio’s for the most part & both of us played different roles in both of the tracks we did. For one of the tracks i did the lead melody and the chords and for the other track Tim did the lead melody and the chords. Naturally as we both really dig each other’s music and we connect musically, we both really liked what each other had done and the collabs just worked out really good.

What do you like best about DJing?

For me I’m also a producer, what I like is creating tunes in the studio and actually playing the tunes out for the crowd then seeing how tunes can grow. After a while a tune gets its own story – its own thing, that’s what I like about being a DJ and being a producer. For me that’s the ultimate thing.

What is a moment you’ve experienced that best represents the “I AM HARDSTYLE” movement, where it’s more than just the music, but also the community behind it?

Last year when we did the first edition of I AM HARDSTYLE in Germany. It was really amazing to see the community come together for this, not just from Germany but also other countries. It just seems to be growing so much over the last year, people really identify with I AM HARDSTYLE. I think it’s great that my team and I have created something that brings so many people together.

Where do you get your inspiration for your tracks?

Inspiration is a magical and intangible phenomenon. Sometimes you have loads of ideas, that it’s hard to capture them all…other days, you’re only staring at your screen in the studio. I often go out for a walk along the canal, which enables me to get peace of mind. In general, music from other artists and genres really generate new ideas for my own tracks.

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