A Sit Down With DJ Albin Myers

Albin Myers is the latest uber hot musical talent to come out of Stockholm, Sweden. Alongside his own House productions, Albin is in demand for remixes – requested personally by the likes of David Guetta and Erick Morillo among others – and his latest project is MyBack, his DJ/production duo with fellow Swede John Dahlbäck.

Growing up in a theatrical & musical family, Albin was 14 when he started making music using computer programmes. By 15, he’d honed his DJ skills on a set of technics 1210’s residing in a friend’s garage, and he was soon out playing small clubs in Stockholm. Following several releases on Starbuster, he joined Swedish label Joia Records, and with his high energy productions garnering acclaim the remix requests flooded in from David Guetta & Kelly Rowland, Erick Morillo, Tom Novy, EDX, John Dahlbäck and Greg Cerrone to name a few…


“I guess my own music is semi commercial because house music is so big worldwide, but I’m not trying to be in any particular genre, I just want to make music because it’s fun.”


You first started DJing at age 14, you’ve played at Tomorrowland and Ushuaia, Ibiza and have remixed tracks for David Guetta and Avicii. What’s been the biggest milestone in your career?

I have to say that my track “Hells Bells” really turned things around for me back in 2012. A lot of other things have happened both before and after that but that was a big one for me.

Swedish house sounds a lot like euro trance, with its anthemic breakdowns followed by a banging bassline. How is it different?

I can’t really describe it, but the tempo is much slower for one. It is a combination of various genres like minimal, electro, progressive, etc. The music is very happy and now the sound has become quite commercial. But there was a time when our sound was very underground.

Have either of you played at the Summerburst Festivals before?

Both me and Albin have done solo performances twice on different years, but this is the first as “MYBACK” which is really fun!

Who’s one artist who’s inspired you since the beginning of your career.

Liam Howlett. He’s the man making all the music in The Prodigy. Their music has always had a special place in my heart.

You look like a punk rocker. Do you have any punk influences in your music?

No, actually. That is a fashion statement. I love the energy of the music and I love the way they dress, but honestly I don’t listen to that form of music. I have not explored the genre much though I listen to all kinds of music. I have been an electronic dance music fan throughout.

You`ve recently started your own Label, “Deaf by dawn”. Can you tell us a little bit more about it and what`s to come?

At the moment I just focus on one release at a time. I started the label because I wanted to get more out of my music out faster. It helps me to stay creative. Up next up is a 2 track release called Rave Ghost 13, including the title track ‘Rave Ghost’ and ‘In The Woods’.

In parallel with the growing of the ‘dance music’ scene in India, you’ve been making your way down here since a long time. Could you shed some light on your relationship with your fans here and your love for the country?

Albin – It’s been so nice to be able to get down and perform here! I counted to around 32-35 shows in 6 years! That’s a lot for one country! I’ve gotten allot of inspiration coming here. Except for my song “The Bang Galore”, I’ve made other tracks influenced by the music culture here in India. “Shanti”, “Tabla” & “Ganesha”.

Among the European names at Sunburn, you have a relatively short bio-data. How did India come calling?

Nikhil (Chinappa) heard my music and has been asking me to play at Sunburn for the past two years. This year it has finally worked out. I started DJ-ing at the age of 14, but it wasn’t until four years back that I took to it professionally.
I have been producing music for some time now, and when it was, thanks to my remix of a Foo Fighters’ track, that I got noticed worldwide. People like David Guetta and Morello played my track. Since then I have remixed a lot of music by a lot of top DJs around the world.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?

Making music, collaborating with more artists, hopefully more of everything!

What advice would you give to the younger generation of music producers just starting out?

Just work work work. Nothing comes for free. It’s a boring answer, I know, but that is the truth. I love what I do, and to stay in the loop of things surrounding the music business, I sit in the studio 9 to 5 each day, making music, videos, single covers, sending my music to people etc.

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