Rustie’s new album ‘EVENIFUDONTBELIEVE’ has been just released and is now available for you to enjoy.

The Scottish producer dropped the news on his Twitter, informing us that a limited Vinyl release will probably be available starting from next year.

Earlier this week the DJ had dropped his first track from his new album. His new LP is now available via Warp Records, anticipated by Peace Upzzz e First Mythz.

The album is already available through Spotify and Apple Music.

Here is the track-list for you with the beautifully eccentric artwork


1. Coral Elixrr [feat. Rustie] 2. First Mythz
3. Atlantean Airship
4. 4Eva [feat. Rustie] 5. Big Catzz
6. Peace Upzzz [feat. Rustie] 7. Your Goddezz
8. Coral Castelz
9. What U Mean [feat. Rustie] 10. Morning Starr [feat. Rustie] 11. Death Bliss
12. New Realm
13. Emerald Tabletz
14. Open Heartzz
15. 444Sure [feat. Rustie]


Here you can list to the tracks and dance to these amazing beats!


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