Kode9 and Spaceape release new album on October 27

Kode9 (pictured) and vocalist Spaceape are at it again with a new EP on Hyperdub.

The ‘Killing Season’ EP will be the first release on the label from the pairing since 2011’s ‘Black Sun’ album,

But the Black Sun’ album was not he first one, released on Hyperdub label. Actually, it is quite opposite. Spaceape has been working with Steve Goodman since the very first EP on the latter’s Hyperdub label.

Most notably they’ve released two albums together: 2006’s Memories Of The Futureand 2011’s Black Sun. The Killing Season is their first collaborative work since then, and it expands on themes first laid out in Spaceape’s 2012 solo EP Xorcism, which was inspired by his own battle with a rare form of cancer. The press release states that Killing Season deals with themes of living with illness and the unknown “wryly, but often with unforgiving brutality.”

You can watch video ‘The Devil Is A Liar’ below, and the ‘Killing Season’ EP gets its release on October 27.

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