Must-See: Kaskade puts out Freaks of Nature Tour Video

„That’s the story of 2012, electronic music having huge impact and making a lot of noise on the greater stage of music. Finally finding its audience and rhythm; people noticing it for the art that it is. This summer it finally snapped!“ Kaskade‘s said in an interview that EDM just might be the new rock’n’roll, after maturing in the underground it’s become a massive movement.

Kaskade himself being one of the biggest DJs in the world is of course one of the main culprits responsible for EDM becoming this widespread. He’s currently 38rd in The Official Global DJ Rankings, #6 in U.S charts making him high on the ranking of 2489 total American DJs. It might just be that the colossal scale tour Kaskade did this summer lifts him in the Official Rankings.

Ryan Reddon aka Kaskade is as big as they come. The last album ’Fire & Ice’ of the DJ/songwriter/producer topped the Billboard Dance charts and was No. 17 on Billboard’s Top 200.The tour called Freaks of Nature was a record breaking hit. Ryan brings out that one of the reasons for this is his distinct cross-genre music and emphasis to lyrics and the melody.

Just like the scene has changed in regard to DJ’s becoming major superstars, the EDM scene has changed from nightclubs into larger venues with tens of thousands of fans. During his North-American tour he visited more than 40 venues selling out Staples center, headlining the party all by himself. The night after that he did the same thing in San Francisco. These venues were packed to the brink with reports of young fans without a ticket running amok, jumping fences and rushing past the ticket controllers just to be a part of some of the madness that Kaskade had in store for all electronic music lovers.

Kaskade and the EDM movement have inspired new trends in dancing and fashion. Check out how the folk looked like at the Freaks of Nature party in Miami !

Ryan had clear-cut ideas for not only his sets but also the visuals and other aspects of the show. He had LED screens carefully positioned which were synchronized with psychedelic images of flowers and intricate cityscapes. This was definitely a game changer in terms of the performance, attendance and coverage as the show was broadcast live and recorded also for future. Positioned on each side of the stage, LED screens were synchronized with vaguely psychedelic images of flowers, smoke, and intricate cityscapes.

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