Justin Timberlake in the studio with Anderson .Paak.

Timberlake also teased the idea of a possible group name for the duo called “Ballin’ Oats.” Paak replied in the comments, “COMIN THRU WT THE HARMONIES!”

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Anderson .Paak may be fresh off dropping two albums in five months, but he’s not resting just yet.

The Aftermath artist took to his Instagram story last night to post a video of him in the studio with Justin Timberlake. Considering JT has been working with Timbaland recently, there’s a chance a collaboration could end up on his upcoming album.

Check out the clip below.


Having just released his Ventura record last month, Anderson .Paak is already back in the studio, this time with Justin Timberlake.

Timberlake shared a snap of the two of them, captioned, “New group. Ballin’ Oats.”

Paak — who recently released his Ventura album — also put up footage from the studio on his Instagram story featuring the pair grooving to some tunes. We still don’t know for sure if any of the music they created will be let out of the vault at some point. Either way, fans’ mouths are watering at the idea of a potential collaboration. “If they collab, I’ll die. Good bye,” IG user @JZTNKid wrote.

Anderson .Paak on <em>The Ellen DeGeneres Show.</em>


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Check out some clips of Justin Timberlake and Anderson .Paak in the studio below.

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