DJ rider

DJ Belongs Behind the Decks? Japanese Say: Behind a Handlebar!

Have you ever wondered what’d be like to ride your bike and DJ at the same time? No? Well it’s time to expand your horizons like these ingenius Japanese designers and bikeriders at COGOO.

The interactive artist Toshiyuki Sugai in collaboration with BMX rider Kotaro Tanaka and turntablist DJ Baku has come up with the „Turntable Rider“ – a bicycle DJ-player. They worked out a wireless system to combine flatland BMX and DJing in a cool way. There’s a gyroscopic sensor that acts as a fader, the bike’s wheels act as jog wheels and brakes become sound pads.

If you’re into flatland BMX, DJing and all sorts of wicked ridiculousness then get in touch with people at COGOO and try to get your hands on this really fun and interactive bike’s handlebar. You can also support them by liking them on Facebook – on their official website it’s announced that they’ll put the system into massproduction as soon as they get 5900 likes. Also you can get DJ Baku’s track Turntable „Sakura“ Rider online here.

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