David Guetta Completely Lost In Tomorrowland

We know that the cyberspace does not easily forgive and that is particularly true if you are a well-known celebrity like David Guetta. The internet went recently totally crazy with a video of David Guetta facial expressions during his performance in Tomorrowland.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the global dance party, which includes David Guetta as one of the main attractions.

In a 45-second video the French DJ is shown staring with wide-opened eyes into space, apparently unaware of his actions, in a sort of trance-like state.

The most malicious of us are wondering if he came to the realization that he’s absolutely sick of what he does for a living, other simply feel sympathetic and swear that he just looks exhausted. Either ways, we can surely relate to him at least once in a lifetime.

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