A Sit Down With DJ Bobina

For the past nine years, Bobina aka Dmitry Almazov , a DJ and producer based in Moscow, has become one of the pioneers of electronic dance music in Russia. His adventures as a DJ have brought him around the world numerous times, playing in the likes of Global Gathering, Trance Energy, Winter Conference and Gatecrasher […]

A Sit Down With DJ Perfect Stranger

Perfect Stranger is Yuli Fershtat, a unique voice within the Psychedelic Trance scene for almost two decades, who managed along his career to melt boundaries between scenes and genres and gain the respect of the crowds and his fellow producers and DJs as leading figure in the scene worldwide.   “I really dislike genres and […]

A Sit Down With DJ John 00 Fleming

In many interviews over the years, John 00 Fleming has proudly proclaimed his passion as a DJ and his constant fascination of sophisticated aural stimuli results in highly expansive sets that showcase his dexterous abilities. By implementing a slow, smoldering groove throughout each hour, he awakens a hidden aura of power that induces fans to […]

A Sit Down With DJ Ruben De Ronde

Ruben De Ronde has constantly given us a buzz in the scene with his exceptional releases heavily supported by his fans and fans of trance scene. He has joined others in playing at big festivals and gigs all around the world and also did a fantastic work touring with Armin Van Buuren for the “A […]

A Sit Down With DJ Talla 2XLC

German based producer, Andreas Tomalla, or as we know him, Talla 2XLC, has done a lot more than just produce amazing music for listeners worldwide. His extensive background in the scene reaches far past that. His music career started in the 80’s and never slowed down from there. From the famous Technoclub in Germany to […]