Talks: Is Sander Van Doorn Signing with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation?

Sander van Doorn, by Sara Cooper PR

We have the weekly Identity Mix by Sander Van Doorn for you to listen while you read about the latest developments of one of the biggest artists in trance and progressive house music. This is the 152nd set where Sander Van Doorn, alias of Sander Ketelaars, has brought some of the best and freshest stuff […]

Must-See: Kaskade puts out Freaks of Nature Tour Video


„That’s the story of 2012, electronic music having huge impact and making a lot of noise on the greater stage of music. Finally finding its audience and rhythm; people noticing it for the art that it is. This summer it finally snapped!“ Kaskade‘s said in an interview that EDM just might be the new rock’n’roll, […]

Andy Moor Adds 18 Zeros to His Latest Cash Cow: 0.1

Andy Moor

Andy Moor was born on January 16th, 1980, as he’s said in the „normal city” Stoke on Trent, in the west of England (Robbie Williams’ home city as well). His mom and dad were also musical people, and taught him to play on his first piano when he was five years old. He also has […]

Axwell Caged in an Electric Zoo – Roaring a Mix Through the Bars


Whenever you go to see someone from Swedish House Mafia crew the expetactions run high and they run even higher after the group`s decision to call it quits. It`s really interesting to see if they can bring something fresh on the table as individual acts, beacause to be honest we have become bored of same […]

Pendulum excluded from The Official Global DJ Rankings


Recently the Official Global DJ Rankings have excluded Australian/British drum´n´bass band Pendulum from its lists. As by their statement – it was because the band has officially disbanded and is currently focusing to the side projects.