A Sit Down With DJ Dick Trevor


Throughout the years, Dick Trevor proved his never-ending creativity by joining forces with numerous Psytrance/Goa-Trance pioneers and forming projects such as the “Bumbling Loons” (with James Monro), or “Slinky Nuns/Seeka” with George Barker. On Twisted Records, Dick did collaborations with Simon Posford as “Infernal Machine” and Tristan as “Trickster”. He also did a “Western Rebel Alliance […]

A Sit Down With DJ Matt Lange


LA-based producer and DJ Matt Lange was inspired by the aggressive industrial programming of early Nine Inch Nails and Aphex Twin’s brutal contrast of ambient and jungle. Packed off to Boston’s Berklee College by his parents, Lange undertook a music-production course and began home recording on an old laptop. Introduced to BT by one of […]

A Sit Down With DJ John Dahlbäck


Dahlbäck has established himself as a well-respected DJ, producer and label owner with well over a hundred releases to his name dating back to the beginning of the millennium. That talent did not just appear from nowhere though. The Kaskade collaborator played drums in a band for six or seven years when he was younger and that […]

A Sit Down With DJ Mattew Dekay


As a DJ, his appearances have quickly built up a loyal following wherever he goes. He developed his sound while playing extended sets at an early residency at esteemed Stalker club in his hometown of Haarlem, Holland. He has gone on to become not only a headline name in his native land with regular appearances […]

A Sit Down With DJ Michel Woods

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From an early age, Woods has prided himself on standing apart from the crowd. He is the son of a music teacher, the U.K.-born Woods was classically trained in a variety of instruments ranging from piano to percussion, and as a youth he even performed briefly with the London Symphony Orchestra. The experience this musicality […]