A Sit Down with DJ Tom Swoon

Polish DJ and producer Swoon has not only performed at a wide variety of festivals throughout his career such as Ultra Japan, Sunrise Festival and the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) amongst so many others, but he has also released over 165 installments in his Lift Off mix series and has released countless globally successful productions ranging from EPs, albums, singles to remixes and collaborations. […]

A Sit Down with

“The fact music can make you happy, make you cry, make you think about about you’re best memories is fucking incredible”    East Coast superstars Anthony Riggi and James Piros, AKA Riggi & Piros, have been making New Jersey proud while simultaneously taking the EDM scene by storm with their larger than life sounds and massive remixes. […]

Tracking the Evolution of Music: To Sample or not to Sample?

Evolution of Music

Culture always builds on the past, be it consciously or sub-consciously. However, the past has always tried to stop it by trying to control the future. Nowadays, the Interweb and its vast number of social media platforms have made the availability of the present and past cultural achievements self evident. Going online to download music, […]

DJ-Stalk: Dim Mak boss Steve Aoki is a Jack of All Trades

Steve Aoki, by Najarich

Steve Aoki founded Dim Mak Records when he was 19, back in 1996. Right away he started to support an eclectic roster of artists. One of the success-stories is Bloc Party, which was found in 2003. After that they started giving out Bloc Party remixes and hosting Dim Mak label parties in LA. Remixing indie […]

DJ-Stalk: Afrojack – the High-flying Dutchman

Afrojack by Sara Cooper PR

Little Dutch genius Afrojack – by the age of 24 he has already multiple Grammy nominations under his belt and he’s ranked #9 on DJ-Rankings. This boy began to play piano at the age of five and after turning eleven started experimenting with Fruity Loops program. He also headlined this year’s Ultra Music Festival in Miami.