A Sit Down With DJ Sub Focus

An artist who needs little introduction: Sub Focus has evolved through the Drum and Bass scene from humble beginnings to worldwide acclaim. Standing as a figurehead of British dance music, his material has kept a consistently growing caliber, stemming from the roots of the underground, with his first release on Andy C’s side label ‘Frequency’, […]

A Sit Down With DJ Fresh

DJ Fresh is one of those talented producers who manages to be versatile while still maintaining a distinct sound. Like everyone in the Oakland rap scene, DJ Fresh has made a ridiculous amount of music. There are well over twenty volumes of The Tonite Show featuring everyone from Yukmouth to Raekwon. But unlike most of insular Oakland, […]

A Sit Down With DJ Xilent

With his ultra-bold tracks between dubstep and EDM, Xilent has risen to become one of the hottest producers and remixers. In the studio he uses powerful tools and the efficient workflow of Bitwig. But nothing is more important to him than a good idea that you can hum in the shower.   “As long as you treat […]

A Sit Down With DJ Hype

DJ Hype is an almost unique figure within the world of drum n’ bass. It’s unquestionable that he’s one of the figures that helped birth the genre itself, has remained true to its sound throughout and is arguably more popular now than he’s ever been. He consolidated his reputation via pirate radio shows which ultimately […]