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A Sit Down With DJ Brodinski

While working on his signature sound, Brodinksi has also worked behind the scenes for others. He and his manager, Manu Barron, started the label Bromance in 2011, and since then, the label has released projects from Danny Brown, Kaytranada, and Brodinski’s hometown homies Club Cheval. Then in 2013, he brought his talents to Kanye West’s Yeezus, […]

A Sit Down With DJ Ladytron

Over the past ten years, Ladytron (Helen Marine, lead vocals and synthesizers; Mira Aroyo, vocals and synthesizers; Daniel Hunt, synthesizers, electric guitar, vocals; and Reuben Wu, synthesizers) has been busy: touring, writing songs for Christina Aguilera, DJing, remixing, and producing music for video game and film soundtracks. And it’s no wonder these indie darlings are […]

A Sit Down With DJ Bobina

For the past nine years, Bobina aka Dmitry Almazov , a DJ and producer based in Moscow, has become one of the pioneers of electronic dance music in Russia. His adventures as a DJ have brought him around the world numerous times, playing in the likes of Global Gathering, Trance Energy, Winter Conference and Gatecrasher Summer Soundsystem , just to name a few. For the […]

A Sit Down With DJ Perfect Stranger

Perfect Stranger is Yuli Fershtat, a unique voice within the Psychedelic Trance scene for almost two decades, who managed along his career to melt boundaries between scenes and genres and gain the respect of the crowds and his fellow producers and DJs as leading figure in the scene worldwide.    “I really dislike genres and […]

A Sit Down With DJ Liquid Soul

LIQUID SOUL became a worldwide sensation for his distinctive sound signature. A sound that can be best described as masterfully capturing emotion through the perfect use of uplifting melodies which manages to intelligently fuse elements of Trance and Psychedelic Trance. These unique qualities have simply set LIQUID SOUL apart from the pack, making him one […]

A sit Down With DJ Terravita

Terravita, though having roots and record label signings dating back to 2006, reached massive popularity in November of 2010 when they released “Up In the Club” on Beta Recordings. This particular track reached the number four spot on the Dubstep charts and was also featured numerous times on the Beatport Top 100. “Up In the Club” […]

A Sit Down With DJ The Martinez Brothers

If you know anything about modern house music, you’re familiar with the name Martinez Brothers. The 20-something producers are the original EDM child stars. They were working with dance legends like Dennis Ferrer when you were trying to get a date to Homecoming.   “When you come in the studio with no plans basically, it […]

A Sit Down With DJ Yves V

Yves V is one of the big players who joins the biggest EDM festival, Tomorrowland year after year and delivers his own world to the fans. In 2014, he got into the DJ MAG TOP 100 DJs ranking and in 2016, he was ranked as 62nd place, proving himself to be a world class DJ/Producer. He continues to […]

A Sit Down With DJ Xilent

With his ultra-bold tracks between dubstep and EDM, Xilent has risen to become one of the hottest producers and remixers. In the studio he uses powerful tools and the efficient workflow of Bitwig. But nothing is more important to him than a good idea that you can hum in the shower.   “As long as you treat […]

A Sit Down With DJ Popof

One of the most downloaded artists in his category, Popof is in very high demand for his remixes and has worked for famous artists such as Depeche Mode, Chemical Brothers, Moby, BookaShade, Vitalic, Tiga, Maetrik, Martin Solveig and many more. In addition to this he is also behind many official advertisements in collaboration with top […]

A Sit Down With DJ Robert Dietz

With acclaimed popularity in the electronic dance world he quickly became one of the most in demand names on everyone’s lips, beginning his career working alongside peers such as, Luciano and Loco Dice, he has since made his definitive personality known after numerous album appearances, emerging in nearly every renowned club in the scene, and […]

A Sit Down With DJ John 00 Fleming

In many interviews over the years, John 00 Fleming has proudly proclaimed his passion as a DJ and his constant fascination of sophisticated aural stimuli results in highly expansive sets that showcase his dexterous abilities. By implementing a slow, smoldering groove throughout each hour, he awakens a hidden aura of power that induces fans to become one […]