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A Sit Down With A DJ Jazzy Jeff

Jeff Townes aka Jazzy Jeff‘s career has seen him comfortably juggle having a high profile within the most popular aspects of hip hop, while being permanently respected and active in the music’s underground. Very few people have ever managed that. Jeff was one of the early DJs in the city that would be influenced by the emerging hip […]


A Sit Down With DJ Matthias Tanzmann

Matthias Tanzmann emerged from Germany and his native town of Leipzig in the nineties, and became one of the most respected DJs and label owners in the scene. He has his very own way behind the decks in the way that he combines grooves, subtle melodies and infectious basslines into soundtracks that never lose sight […]


A Sit Down With DJ Airwave

Airwave a.k.a. Laurent Veronnez hails from Brussels, Belgium and is one of the most gifted artists of our time. He possesses a passion for his craft which drips from every track he has produced since his musical inception 20 years ago. He is well-respected amongst his peers for his opinions on, and vision for, the trance music industry […]


A Sit Down With DJ Noah Neiman

Noah Neiman, an American Pop/EDM crossover DJ/Producer have started to receive attention through Spotify’s “ElectroNOW”, “Fresh Electronic” and Hardwell’s “House Party”. Noah Neiman’s recent release “Make It So Good” has topped over 2 million plays and is now officially receiving support from the legend himself Hardwell, W&W, Don Diablo, Nicky Romero and many more. He […]


A Sit Down With DJ Matt Lange

LA-based producer and DJ Matt Lange was inspired by the aggressive industrial programming of early Nine Inch Nails and Aphex Twin’s brutal contrast of ambient and jungle. Packed off to Boston’s Berklee College by his parents, Lange undertook a music-production course and began home recording on an old laptop. Introduced to BT by one of […]


A Sit Down With DJ Derrick Carter

 Derrick Carter is a deft mixer and can build and release the energy in a room so subtly his touch is almost subliminal, but other than that there’s nothing understated about his sets. This is an essential part of his practical-minded philosophy of DJing. Carter became one of the city’s most popular local DJs, securing […]


A Sit Down With DJ Troy Pierce

Troy Pierce was among the first to pick up on DJs like Derrick Carter, Jeff Mills and Richie Hawtin and was always out and about at parties in Detroit, Ohio and across the Midwest. Strangely enough though, he never thought about picking up a pair of headphones himself, preferring to leave the DJ duties to […]


A Sit Down With DJ Kronic

Luke Celleja, aka Kronic, is an Australian born DJ who has worked with countless artists, such as Justin Bieber, Pitbull, Jennifer Lopez, R Kelly and Havana Brown. Kronic started his career as a hip hop DJ in Adelaide, over 10 years ago, and is now a successful and well-known name around the world at the […]


A Sit Down With DJ Matador

Irish techno maestro, Matador, otherwise known as Gavin Lynch, has gained global recognition with his prolific Live sets that have seen him play in underground hotspots as far flung as Los Angeles,  Amsterdam, London and Buenos Aires. With labels like Cocoon and Perc Trax behind him from the start, it was only a matter of time before […]


A Sit Down With DJ Wolfgang Gartner

American deep house DJ and producer Wolfgang Gartner, aka Joseph Youngman, is known for a record number of songs to land at Beatport’s No. 1 spot over the past 5 years, and also for his hit collaborations with Skrillex,, Tiesto and deadmau5. Hard to believe it’s been almost six years since Gartner released his landmark debut album Weekend in America. […]


A Sit Down With DJ John Dahlbäck

Dahlbäck has established himself as a well-respected DJ, producer and label owner with well over a hundred releases to his name dating back to the beginning of the millennium. That talent did not just appear from nowhere though. The Kaskade collaborator played drums in a band for six or seven years when he was younger and that […]

Umek, Jay Lumen, Mikalogic Autumn Comnpilation Chart 2015

A Sit Down With DJ Jay Lumen

Globetrotting DJ & producer Jay Lumen has been stirring up attention for the last 10 years as a hugely sought after techno character. Techno giant Jay is without a doubt one of the most sought after DJs in the world. His productions have been making their way onto every major DJs playlist since time immemorial. As a producer, […]