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A Sit Down With DJ Futuristic Polar Bears

It’s fair to say that the Futuristic Polar Bears have had a phenomenal few years. Through their own relentless hard work and outstanding capabilities both in the production studio and behind the decks, the trio have been on an incredible ride and achieved the seemingly unachievable. With a combined skill set of accomplished DJs, producers […]


A Sit Down With DJ Stafford Brothers

Stafford Brothers are the hottest Australian DJ and production team to hit the US electronic party scene in recent years. Since relocating to Los Angeles from the land down under, brothers Matt and Chris Stafford have collaborated with titans of industry,sold millions of records, and now host headline club nights in the party capitals of […]


A Sit Down With DJ Henry Saiz

Henry Saiz is the creator of a style that is a combination of his love for all things electronic with a deep passion for art. His music, as well as his work as a sound designer for film and TV has always been marked as forward thinking in approach and groundbreaking upon delivery. Henry’s influences […]


A Sit Down With DJ Christopher Lawrence

Christopher Lawrence. It may not have the same ring to it like Tiësto or Daft Punk but it does carry the same weight. Many would argue that it carries more. The California producer and DJ has been a mainstay in Trance music for over 20 years and won Best American DJ at the IDMA’s at […]


A Sit Down With DJ Promise Land

Promise Land is a collaboration between two DJs as well as producers and powerful remixers , Fabio Ranucci and Nazario Pelusi. Both men are pursuing their careers as Disk Jockey since 10 years ago in their hometown of Anzio, Italy. Their long hard work is fruitful, with the presence of collaborations with DJ Provenzano, Chuckie, Amanda Wilson, Georgi Kay, and others. Not only […]


A sit Down With DJ Fergie

Fergie DJ has had many sounds, identities and even a brief name change over the course of a career that began over twenty years ago back home in Northern Ireland but has undoubtedly remained one of dance-music’s most controversial, most successful and most loved characters. For all lovers of dance music who live outside the […]


A Sit Down With DJ Kavinsky

Kavinsky is a stylishly haggard-looking Frenchman who makes electronic music that sounds ages, even eons, old. Or maybe just decades — three to be precise, with a booming, melancholy style that glows with the neon tint of the half-remembered 1980s, an era recalled for its gauche delusions of glamour and its emerging relationships with technology. […]


A Sit Down With DJ Super Flu

Felix Thielemann and Mathias Schwarz are real musicians, using both machines and instruments to produce their songs and having even realized the performance to perform with an entire orchestra. Super Flu stand alone with their own unique style of music. Super Flu (Mathias Schwarz and Felix Thielemannare) are based in Halle/Germany. Their music combines a very artistic […]


A Sit Down With DJ D-Wayne

D-Wayne Born with a very strong feeling for rhythm and able to detect nuances in music that others do not hear. Gifted with an exceptional sense and awareness of music. Develops with everything a DJ/producer nowadays needs to be successful. Dwayne’s career has taken off at lightning speed and there’s no stopping him. He remixes Tiësto, […]


A Sit Down With DJ Kerri Chandler

Not many deep-house producers have a sound as distinct as New Jersey’s Kerri Chandler; his muscular basslines, dopamine-activating chord progressions and, most of all, badass kick drums stand out in a genre that can sometimes seem a bit monotone. He’s been working his unique style since the late ’80s, but Chandler’s star is as bright […]


A Sit Down With DJ Mark Farina

Mark Farina is one of the most talented and tenured DJs active today. With a career spanning three decades, the Chicago-born/San Francisco-based musician has been a leading advocate for Chicago house and the underground scene while acting as a “genre-prenuer” for his signature Mushroom Jazz series, playfully blending elements of jazz, soul, hip hop, and house in a […]


A Sit Down With DJ Krewella

Krewella is one of the biggest buzzing EDM acts of 2012.  Formed in 2007 with two sisters (Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf) and producer Rain Man, their track “Killin It” became a meme of its own, gaining major attention from DJs and music lovers all around the world. In 2017, Krewella partnered with dance-fitness program Zumba. […]