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New feature on DJ-Rankings: TOP DJs by country

An independent study conducted by The Official Global DJ Rankings showed that there are approximately 1¼ million professional DJs in the world in 2012. If you’re wondering what defines a professional DJ, then keep in mind that a professional DJ is considered to be someone who can sustain a living solely based on salary earned […]

Did Al Walser stole Zedd’s stems? Or is Al Walser actually Zedd?

We discussed Al Walser's nomination and how it affects the credibility of the Grammy Awards. Things have gone from bad to worse as Zedd has apparently accused Al Walser of using the stems he uploaded to Beatport for the 'Spectrum' remix contest. Now there are numerous speculations on the internet. Dada Life has dropped the […]

Solveig Petersen introduces: KAVINSKY

There’s plenty of reason to get excited! This week Solveig Petersen introduces – KAVINSKY! You might’ve heard Kavinsky firstly in the movie Drive, which gave him attention among wider audience for the theme song ’Nightcall’. If you’ve never bothered to look up his older or – in light of the latest developments – new stuff, […]

deadmau5 engaged to Kat Von D after Twitter proposal

Well, one of the most talked about couples online has done the deed online. “I can’t wait for Christmas so…. Katherine Von Drachenberg, will you marry me?” deadmau5 popped the question in Twitter. After the mau5trap was set for Kat, she gave the obvious answer just a while later: "YES!" . So the  Canadian DJ/producer […]

Steve Aoki interviews Steve Aoki + NEW EP ‘It’s The End Of The World As We Know It’

Did you know that Steve Aoki participated in a medical experiment and got cloned? It has already been announced that there's going to be plenty of cake to go around on the duos debut performance. Just imagine that cake-shooting double-barreled EDM shotgun on stage! Okay, okay – actually I made it up. But Aoki has […]

deadmau5 and Grammy representative respond to Al Walser’s ‘Best Dance Recording’ nomination

We composed a list of Grammy nominations of DJs whose actions we cover daily (you can browse the list here). There's one name, however, which we have never heard before – Al Walser. 'Best Dance Recording' is a category where EDM all-stars shine this year. 4 of the 5 nominated tracks are from Avicii, Calvin […]

Gabrielle Guetta’s Female DJ of the Week: Maya Jane Coles

This week's female DJ is the beautiful and talented MAYA JANE COLES! A week ago Coles released her first EP in twelve months and shortly after got the honors of Beatport’s ’Track of the Day’ for the title track ’Easier To Hide’. In addition to this, she just recently started her own label called I […]

Nomad DJ Tiësto interviewed at EMC 2012

Turns out that Tiësto hasn't lived in one place more than 6 weeks in the last 10 years! The man also known as Tijs Verwest is famous for his Nomad lifestyle, but the hour-long interview reveals a lot other cool facts about him as well. If you haven't seen Tiësto's interviews then you have to […]

Skrillex and Boys Noize going ahead with project ‘Dog Blood’

What happens when dubstep and electro house galaxies collide? A massive explosion called Dog Blood, that’s what! In August, 2012 Skrillex and Boys Noize announced their first release together as Dog Blood. The side project has been described as ’middle finger acid terror’ and based on their first two tracks – that isn’t that far […]

EMC debates ‘ghost-writing’ and much more with Diplo, Tommy Trash, Nina Kraviz, Matt Stafford and Marlo

Electronic Music Conference has to have an impressive management. They got 6 DJs to get up at 9:30 in the morning to discuss music, DJing and the sensitive subject of 'ghost-writing' tracks. This is a good one, with top DJs like Diplo and Tommy Trash; Nina Kraviz, an upcoming female DJ from Russia and Matt […]

Debate EMC, “pulsa botones” con Laidback Luke, Nina Las Vegas, Goodwill y Sam La More

Hace poco, se inauguró la Electronic Music Conference en Sídney, Australia. Hubo una gran variedad de ponencias sobre a los más diversos temas. Nina Las Vegas estuvo moderando el que probablemente ha sido el tema más conflictivo del 2012: “Detrás de pulsar los botones: ¿Qué es lo que hace a un DJ? La charla tuvo […]

EMC debates ‘button pushing’ with Laidback Luke, Nina Las Vegas, Goodwill and Sam La More

Recently, the inaugural Electronic Music Conference was held in Sydney, Australia. There were many interesting panels on a wide variety of subjects. Nina Las Vegas moderated probably the most discussed topic of 2012 – 'Beyond Button-Pushing: What Makes A DJ?' The talk orchestrated by Nina involved experienced DJs Laidback Luke, Goodwill and Sam La More. […]