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Deadmau5 bashes Forbes DJ list, discusses EDM and much more

Probably the most outspoken top DJ of the world, Joel Zimmerman aka Deadmau5 recently gave a 20 minute interview at the Billboard's FutureSound Conference. Joel laughed off Forbes for listing the highest earning DJ's of the world. He also discusses EDM marketing, branding similar to his mouse-hat and, of course, his cat's Facebook profile page […]

Gabrielle Guetta’s Female DJ of the Week: Ellen Allien

The multi-talented, multi-functional, multi-just-about-anything Ellen Allien is this week’s Gabrielle Guetta’s female DJ. I’ve chosen Ellen for this week’s feature story for the superb Boiler Room set she agreed to do after countless invitations from the Berlin BR echelon. The electronic music empress performed a superb mix. Then again, nothing less is expected of Ellen […]

David Guetta: a DJ first, then a producer

This year, David Guetta has been under the spotlight countless times. He's had some great times touring the globe, winning awards and releasing tracks, videos and collaborations with the biggest names out there. Then there are those not too great occasions, which have had him pinned down for faking DJ sets. All that aside, this […]

The Official Global DJ Rankings presents Umek: #1 from Slovenia, #1 Techno

In this series, we take a look at DJs that are #1 for some reason. In the second edition we are taking a peak into the life of DJ UMEK! Uroš Umek aka DJ Umek is remarkable for being the #1 DJ out of the East-European country Slovenia and the #1 DJ in the techno […]

Calvin Harris pissed off at BBC for saying he’s ”defending pre-recorded sets”

A very public outrage by  Calvin Harris has been infused after the publishing of a short video clip of an interview given to BBC Newsbeat (watch the video here: The article suggests that Calvin Harris is defending pre-recorded DJ sets. Of course, the UK's premier DJ and producer got angry letters for this and […]

Solveig Petersen introduces: MAREK HEMMANN

We’re proud to launch the weekly articles series – 'Solveig Petersen introduces' – and hope you will enjoy learning about DJs you might have not known before! I have chosen something really special for the first edition. Namely – DJ MAREK HEMMANN – from Germany with an unique flavor and an understanding of taste that's […]

Solveig Petersen introduces

We’re launching a weekly category introducing DJs who are not in the top 100 of The Official Global DJ Rankings. These could be upcoming DJs who are climbing the steps for the first time, this could be someone doing a comeback or basically just about any DJ in the top 10000 of The DJ Rankings […]

David Guetta giving Rihanna the dance music bug

Guetta has a great instinct for being at the right place, at the right time. He's been DJing for the majority of his life, he's received countless praises, awards etc. The latest move of collaborating and becoming a supporting DJ for Rihanna in next years shows is a move into the pop world which is […]

Armin van Buuren going on an Expedition in 2013

The master of trance has announced that he's going to continue the project of world domination with six colossal live shows in 2013. As his 'A State Of Trance' radio show hits 600th episode next year, his going to celebrate accordingly with shows all around the world. The tour called The Expedition is going to […]

Armin van Buuren se va de Expedición en 2013

El maestro del trance, ha anunciado que va a continuar el proyecto de dominación del mundo con seis actuaciones colosales en 2013. Como su programa de radio “State Of Trance” llega a los 600 episodios el año que viene, va a celebrarlo a lo grande alrededor del mundo. El tour, llamado The Expedition, va a […]

Video Game Soundtrack of the Year 2012: Forza Horizon

The fall of 2012 saw the release of one of the most highly expected motorsport video games in recent times with probably the best soundtrack for a video game of all time. The question that pops into mind when you feast your eyes upon the list of tracks is simply- What the…?! This may well […]

Nicky Siano

Following the Grooves of the Vinyl: Nicky Siano

Nicky Siano saw the light of day in Brooklyn New York on March 18, 1955. He snuck into the club Firehouse at the age of 15 and instantly fell for the music and the nightlife surrounding it. He knew he had to get his hands on those records. Siano’s drive for DJing became more and more evident […]