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A Sit Down With DJ Basement Jaxx

Basement Jaxx are a British electronic music duo who have had a long and exciting career in the music industry. The two men behind songs like ‘Where’s Your Head At?’, ‘Romeo’, ‘Raindrops’ and so many more, they’ve been in the game for over a decade, and have wowed crowds all over the world with their thrilling […]


A Sit Down With DJ Aphex Twin

It’s hard not to praise someone who’s a pioneer and a star in techno/electronica- that’s just Richard D. James (aka Aphex Twin) for you. His music stretches from calmness and medatative sounds to jarring noise and jungle- a pretty fertile and (by his own admission) restless mind who busies himself with other projects under different […]


A Sit Down With DJ Ritmo

Dubi Dagan, aka Ritmo, has managed to formulate a unique technique that captures moments in life and translates them to an addictive rhythmic Progressive Trance creation. His most ambitious project to date is his current new album – “Adventures” – which comes out in 2016. This magical soundscape captures and modulates the diverse rhythms Dagan absorbed […]


A Sit Down With DJ Spectre

SPEKTRE weaves an intrepid, complex web amongst underground dance music’s elite. The techno brainchild of DJs/producers Filthy Rich and Paul Maddox, the dark duo was formed through a shared passion for driving electronic music and a mutual desire to push sound boundaries using the most cutting edge technology available. The fusion of their combined experience […]

Sabrina Terence Live In Manila_1

A Sit Down With DJ Sabrina Terence

Sabrina Terence is a world famous artist, DJ, model and TV host.  Sabrina’s passion for art was born in 1998 when she had her first painting lesson whilst living in Germany.  Her passion developed further as she began exploring some of the world’s best art exhibitions, including Art Basel, Art Berlin and Art Fair Singapore. […]


A Sit Down With DJ Kutski

When we think about the free birds in hard dance, many think no further than the multi-talented Kutski. This legendary DJ and producer has been around for yonks, piloting the hard dance scene in the United Kingdom as well as spreading his ‘Keeping The Rave Alive’ concept worldwide. Aiming to showcase all genres in the […]


A Sit Down With DJ Manufactured Superstars

The high-energy DJ duo Manufactured Superstars make sure their priorities are always in place. Priority number one, a staple of their career and the reason for their success, is to have as much fun as humanly possible. Bradley Roulier and Shawn Sabo comprise the Manufactured Superstars, and they’ve been electrifying stages for over a decade as they’ve brought their eccentric show […]


A Sit Down With DJ Uner

UNER is one of the most important names of the new generation of Spanish electronic music producers. His musical training allowed him to develop at a very early age a different dance music concept, based on the pleasure for harmony and the search for a unique, personal sound. Apart from traveling around the world as […]


A Sit Down With DJ Binary Finary

Alongside A-leaguers like Ferry Corsten and Paul van Dyk, UK’s Binary Finary is among the true veterans of the trance genre. Nearly 20 years ago—when the sound was reaching its first zenith—they penned the all-time classic anthem “1998.” The record encapsulated the heightened emotions that resonated through the early trance scene and have stayed strong […]


A Sit Down With DJ Valentino Kanzyani

Valentino Kanzyani has been involved in the country’s dance scene since the mid 1990s. A celebrated DJ first and foremost , Valentino built a solid reputation for himself whilst he was resident spinner of Ambasada Gavioli – Slovenia’s best known electronic music club. His fame grew when he started spinning on three turntables as standard. Joining forces with fellow […]


A Sit Down With DJ Dieselboy

Dieselboy – The Destroyer – stand out as a rare virtuoso of the art and craft of live DJing. His complex, high voltage, take-no-prisoners sets. Arguably no other DJ mixes live – on four decks – with more precision, imagination, intensity, energy and finesse. In the history of electronic dance music, no one comes even close to matching […]


A Sit Down With DJ Party Favor

Dylan Ragland, known by most as Party Favor, has cultivated an edgy, exhilarating and thrilling style that has helped pioneer the festival trap genre. With anthems such as “Bap U,” “Booty Loose,” and his latest release, “Caskets,” the young artist has garnered support for his signature trap style that infuses different musical elements in each release, creating a […]