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DJ-Follower Highlights BREAKBOT: Master of slick French electro

If you think about artists that have spun from the rich and vibrant electro scene of Le France, you probably think Daft Punk, Mr. Oizo, Justice, David Guetta, Birdy Nam Nam, Martin Solveig, Miss Kittin and Bob Sinclair. If you’re a chick, you likely know all about the Casanova DJs Brodinski and Gesaffelstein. For many, […]

Watch: Disclosure’s interview for Billboard

The UK duo is another one of those amazing success-stories about young producers, who make it in relatively no time. They're most recent hit 'White Noise' blew up over the web, gathering over 130,000 listenings in one night. Disclosure sat down to answer questions for Billboard – the leading chart-site in the world. Discover how […]

Entrevista de Disclosure para Billboard

El dúo británico es otra de esas increíbles historias de éxito sobre productores jóvenes que consiguen el éxito en poco tiempo. Su hit más reciente, “White Noise”, explotó en la web con más de 130.000 reproducciones en una noche. Disclosure se ha sentado para responder las preguntas de Billboard. ¡Descubre como empezaron, como hacen sus […]

The Knife ‘Shaking The Habitual’: Interview + FULL ALBUM STREAM

These are one of the most exciting times for electronic music lovers. After 8 years, we'll have the new Daft Punk album. However, to the vast number of The Knife fans, it is perhaps more thrilling that the Swedish duo is about to release an album since 7 years as well. You got to hear […]

Major Lazer round-up: details on Switch, Lazer Strikes and behind-the-scenes in Jamaica

Major Lazer has been making the headlines, so we thought we'd gather all the news under one roof, so you'd get all the information you need. We'll start off by shedding light on Switch leaving the group soon, when will 'Free The Universe' finally get released. Also, grab the 4th volume of 'Lazer Strikes Back'. […]

The Chronicles of Dada Land: One crazy March of 2013

In the last month, something really bizarre went down, causing one Swedish DJ duo probably more trouble they expected. We thought we should chronicle the event for future historians, otherwise this short epoch in world history might go missing. It all started when Dada Life released a manifesto.. ..declaring Dada Land a sovereign nation in […]

Not another EDM feud: Avicii vs. CQ vs. A-Trak

A culture could be defined by many different ways. Also, there are many different traits to a culture, f.e the emergence of sub-cultures. Many see the electronic dance music  becoming a cultural movement now that it's booming in North-America. Other's think that after electronic dance music (that's been around for decades) is becoming so widespread, […]

Top 10 Best DJ & production programs

Choosing we've taken on the task to weigh in the ups and downs of the best DJing and production programs out there. Before you decide which program to buy, you need to consider what features are a must have, and what's nice to have. Do you want to be able to play more than 2 decks at once? Can you plug in old-school turntables and add effects? Are they compatible with MIDI devices? We've taken on the task to weigh in the ups and downs of the best DJing and production programs out there. Leave it to us, to guide you through the confusing process!

April Fool’s Day 2013: EDM pranks sum-up

We were the good guys yesterday, providing you with soothing April Fool's Day edition of DJ-Follower's Free Tunes. Although, we tried to get you with the Soundcloud and Red Bull Music Academy articles already, there were many we didn't turn your attention to. Like the 'fact' that not only was Justin Bieber supposed to start […]

Dropometer debuted – finally, Soundcloud will find The Drop

Have you ever thought to yourself: 'Damn, where could this drop be?' or 'This stupid intro is so long, my time isn't made out of rubber!' If you'd like to skip all the pansy-ass builds, intros and bridges to the biggest and most filthy drops, you are in luck! Finally, Soundcloud has come up with […]

DJ-Follower’s Daily Dose of Free Tunes: Paper Diamond, Sundance and The Disco Fries

An eclectic selection of tunes for this beautiful weekend. Paper Diamond headlines the edition with an electronic beat original done in collaboration with Christian Rich and Angela McCluskey. Sundance provides you with one of the best renditions of the 15-second Daft Punk commercial aired during the Justin Timberlake hosted SNL. To finish up, a bootleg […]

Dead at 43 – Pioneering west coast DJ/producer Scott Hardkiss

A visionary and a legend, Scott Hardkiss (born Scott Friedel) has passed away at the age of 43. The Bay Area DJ, along with his musical 'brothers Robbie and Gavin Hardkiss, becae a household of San Fransisco's dance music terrain in the '90s. Inventive, creative and hardworking, he was the one to cultivate the west […]