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DEADMAU5: PARIS HILTON ticket sales, nothing more

DEADMAU5: PARIS HILTON ticket sales, nothing more

If you read our article about Paris Hilton and her DJ career, then you will like to hear how this story continues now. What thinks professional musician and DJ about Paris Hilton?


Always with one eye on the sky, Detroit techno traveller Jeff Mills has revealed he’s developing a new percussion instrument inspired by a UFO sighting over Los Angeles in the 1950s. In case, if you dont know him well enough. Jeff Mills, along with Robert Hood, Carl Craig, and Joey Beltram, is one of the biggest […]


In between his superstar DJ commitments, Tiësto recently found time to visit the New York studio of renowned photographer/controversy-magnet Terry Richardson for a shoot. Used to photographing supermodels and celebrities, his latest series of images show the DJ posing in a leather jacket. The Dutch don even reps Terry’s famous specs in a snap.


Beatport Reveals Last Decade’s Stats: Dubstep Is Officially Dead

Recently Beatport unveiled the charts ranking its selling articles between 2004-14. The charts, dependant on Beatport’s not-always-correct genre tagging system, are not the biggest indicators of popularity in music. Having said that, it does give one definitive answer: dubstep has come and gone.  Find the 3 graphs below with short comments.

Is it time to ditch Soundcloud?

This article is interesting for us because it show us what people think about some people about soundcloud innovations.

The Great Lies of Modern Music Scene

Not long time ago our team read a great article about Most Insidious, Pervasive Lies of the Modern Music Industry. We decide talk about it.

DJ-Follower’s Mixtape Series: Stefan Brandenburg – DJF001

Fresh off the reel – the first in DJ-Follower’s Mixtape Series comes from DJ-producer Stefan Brandenburg!

Interview: Plasmapool launches new platform Artistportal saying “We created the perfect system!”

Recently we talked to the head of A&R at Plasmapool label about how to submit demos. Turned out there were much bigger news to be discovered. The prolific Plasmapool Media Entertainment recently launched ARTISTPORTAL – a one stop tool for artists, labels and publishers. The perseverance and relentless work on the project started 7 years ago and continues, as […]

Exclusives with A&R: How to PROPERLY Submit a Demo to a Record Label?

There are a lot of aspects involved in reaching out to a record company. You can find many step-by-step guidelines on various websites, music magazines and blogs. Before submitting your demo, you should read as much about it as you can. However, there aren’t direct interviews with A&R managers. A&R i.e Artist & Repertoire is the […]

Interview with Plasmapool A&R: Keys to Swimming in the Pool of Talent

As a part of our feature article series “How to properly submit a demo to a label?” we have the honor to introduce you to the Artist and Repertoire person at Plasmapool Media Entertainment. Most likely, this is the first person who sees your letter and listens to your demo when you send something to […]

Re-wiring House Music: Rewire Records on how to send demos

1. So, give us a little bit of background about yourself. What label do you work for, and what are you in charge of? My name is Vetal and I am the CEO and talent coordinator of Rewire Records. I handle day to day operations and talent relations, whether that be acquiring new artists or staying […]

The 4 Hottest EDM Music Videos On Roller Skates

In 1978 – the time of roller skating rinks and discos –  L.A Major Tom Bradley said that Venice Beach in California is the 'roller skating capital of the world'. That might not be so far off the mark. Even if you've got no idea how Venice Beach looks like, you've seen the infamous strip […]