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A Sit Down with DJ Edward Maya

Already at the age of 19 Romanian DJ and musician Edward Maya composed a song of European size with E.Carcota for Eurovision , which took the 4th place. This breakthrough was accompanied by a difficult period for Edward, who worked on various contracts with Romanian composers abroad (Akcent, Costi Ionita, Vika Jigulina, Cassa Loco, Studio One, DjRynno, Dj […]

A Sit Down with DJ Christian Burns

   Christian Anthony Burns is a British musician. Born in the family of a member of the rock band The Signs – Tony Burns. He started his career with The Bleach Works, successfully selling 3 million copies of his albums, then the band broke up, sometime in 2003, and everyone started to perform solo. One […]

A Sit Down with

“The fact music can make you happy, make you cry, make you think about about you’re best memories is fucking incredible”    East Coast superstars Anthony Riggi and James Piros, AKA Riggi & Piros, have been making New Jersey proud while simultaneously taking the EDM scene by storm with their larger than life sounds and massive remixes. […]

A Sit Down with DJ Lautrent Gartnier

“I think Techno broke the rules.  House Music couldn’t become anything else other than House.  House has to be a dancefloor thing, Techno doesn’t have to be something to dance to.  For me, ambient is Techno.“ Laurent Garnier has been making the planet dance for 30 years. And, for all this time, his huge energy has […]

A Sit Down with DJ Danny Howells

                                              “He’s not a publicity hungry, social media devotee.” Danny Howells (born November 24, 1970) is an English producer and DJ. His music is often called a progressive house, although he prefers to […]

Historic milestone for Danish DJs

Lagging behind its Scandinavian neighbours, Denmark gets its first DJ to reach top 1000 on the Official Global DJ Rankings. The Danish dubstep duo Pegboard Nerds, which is ranked exclusively as a Danish act though one of its members is from Norway, broke through the symbolic wall of DJ fame this month with rank 992.

Hudson Mohawke accused Kanye West and Drake of not paying him

In a recently deleted tweet, Hudson Mohawke accused Kanye West and Drake of not paying him for his work. The Scottish DJ threated to release a zip folder with their tracks because he has not been paid yet…. and probably never will.

Kanye West And DeadMau5 Twitter Feud Goes On

Kanye West is not new to twitter feuds. Now it is the time for Deadmau5 to be under attack of a series of ”sarcastic” tweets from the American rapper. Kanye West And DeadMau5 Twitter Feud Goes On.

Nicky Romero anxiety keeps him from releasing new tracks

If you have been wondering why Nicky Romero has not been so present on the music scene in recent times we may have the answer for you. The Dutch artist confessed his anxiety problem in a recent Facebook post.

DEADMAU5: PARIS HILTON ticket sales, nothing more

DEADMAU5: PARIS HILTON ticket sales, nothing more

If you read our article about Paris Hilton and her DJ career, then you will like to hear how this story continues now. What thinks professional musician and DJ about Paris Hilton?


Always with one eye on the sky, Detroit techno traveller Jeff Mills has revealed he’s developing a new percussion instrument inspired by a UFO sighting over Los Angeles in the 1950s. In case, if you dont know him well enough. Jeff Mills, along with Robert Hood, Carl Craig, and Joey Beltram, is one of the biggest […]


In between his superstar DJ commitments, Tiësto recently found time to visit the New York studio of renowned photographer/controversy-magnet Terry Richardson for a shoot. Used to photographing supermodels and celebrities, his latest series of images show the DJ posing in a leather jacket. The Dutch don even reps Terry’s famous specs in a snap.