Stalks & Talks

A Sit Down With DJ D-Wayne

D-Wayne Born with a very strong feeling for rhythm and able to detect nuances in music that others do not hear. Gifted with an exceptional sense and awareness of music. Develops with everything a DJ/producer nowadays needs to be successful. Dwayne’s career has taken off at lightning speed and there’s no stopping him. He remixes Tiësto, […]

A Sit Down With DJ Kerri Chandler

Not many deep-house producers have a sound as distinct as New Jersey’s Kerri Chandler; his muscular basslines, dopamine-activating chord progressions and, most of all, badass kick drums stand out in a genre that can sometimes seem a bit monotone. He’s been working his unique style since the late ’80s, but Chandler’s star is as bright […]

A Sit Down With DJ Mark Farina

Mark Farina is one of the most talented and tenured DJs active today. With a career spanning three decades, the Chicago-born/San Francisco-based musician has been a leading advocate for Chicago house and the underground scene while acting as a “genre-prenuer” for his signature Mushroom Jazz series, playfully blending elements of jazz, soul, hip hop, and house in a […]

A Sit Down With DJ Krewella

Krewella is one of the biggest buzzing EDM acts of 2012.  Formed in 2007 with two sisters (Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf) and producer Rain Man, their track “Killin It” became a meme of its own, gaining major attention from DJs and music lovers all around the world. In 2017, Krewella partnered with dance-fitness program Zumba. […]

A Sit Down With DJ Savoy

For those of you that don’t know, SAVOY is pretty awesome. But don’t just take my word for it. Here, let me explain — SAVOY is a trio of musicians comprised of Gray Smith, Ben Eberdt, and Mike Kelly. The three met when they were in college at CU Boulder. “We met in the dorms, Mike lived a door or two down […]

A Sit Down With DJ Khainz

Khainz is a techno and tech house producer who has been DJ’ing for nearly 20 years now and producing since 1999. Hailing from beautiful Lucerne, Switzerland, hi s cutting edge production skills have seen him produce exciting and innovative releases in the past on such established imprints as Heinz Music, Sprout, Formatik and Great Stuff, amongst […]

A Sit Down With DJ Mike Shiver

Producer and DJ Mike Shiver has been one of the most talked-about, up and coming talents over the last years. Since breaking onto the scene in 2003, he has been sending shivers down thousands of peoples spines. Mike has unquestioningly become one of Scandinavia’s biggest front figures in the EDM landscape and has shown the […]

A Sit Down With DJ Timo Maas

Timo Maas has been on a 30-year quest to deliver his musical wizardry to the world. In fact, music is such an intrinsic part of his DNA that it’s one of his main modes of communication. From a residency at the groundbreaking Circoloco at DC10 in Ibiza, where he has been entrenched for over 15 […]

A Sit Down With DJ Phil Weeks

Phil Weeks is a house music purist. Whether DJing or producing, the Parisian with the huge personality delivers raw beats influenced in equal measure by classic Chicago house and nu-school French flair, underpinned with a hip-hop attitude. His long running Robsoul Recordings also defines him as one of the most skilled label heads in underground house […]

A Sit Down With DJ Dick Trevor

Throughout the years, Dick Trevor proved his never-ending creativity by joining forces with numerous Psytrance/Goa-Trance pioneers and forming projects such as the “Bumbling Loons” (with James Monro), or “Slinky Nuns/Seeka” with George Barker. On Twisted Records, Dick did collaborations with Simon Posford as “Infernal Machine” and Tristan as “Trickster”. He also did a “Western Rebel Alliance […]

A Sit Down With DJ Juventa

Jordin Post, commonly known as Juventa is one of the new-breed of super talented DJs / Producers in the scene unrestricted by genre boundaries, who at every turn can ontinues to amaze and entertain with his studio dream of being able to achieve at such a young age. With his first release at just 15 years old, […]

A Sit Down With DJ DaGeneral

He’s a Scottish Techno DJ, an accomplished producer and the co-owner of General Surgery Records, a prestigious label that supports underground music artists. DaGeneral has played with a myriad of other top DJs and producers including Mark EG, Mike C, Chuck-E, The Producer, Jon the Dentist, Phutek, Blue Amazon, Shades of Rhythm, Oliver Lieb, and many […]