A Sit Down With DJ Nick Curly

“…electronic music is on it´s highest level at the moment”.

With a signature groove-based sound, moving through deep and tech-house to techno and back again, Nick’s reputation now stands as a guaranteed stamp of quality for DJs and dance-floor devotees worldwide. As a Producer, he has released recently on the likes of Drumcode, Mobilee, and Second State, while his own 8bit imprint continues to be the backbone of a prolific production schedule (including his forthcoming “Amnezia” EP). As a DJ, Nick Curly is a globe trotter with upcoming appearances at Fabric, Pacha Ibiza, Fuse Festival, Off Week, and Sonus Festival.

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 What’s you’re opinion on the current state of House music?

On one point i would say, house and electronic music is on it´s highest level at the moment, but on the other side I must say I miss the real house music , like the old good house tracks, that we had on Strictly and Defected back in the days.

How do you construct a year in Dance music given your hand in multiple aspects of the industry? Do you have a template for dividing up your year?

If I had a template for my year I think I would I would end up missing all the fun! The thing with dance music is every year is different and there are so many new parties and new ideas the scenery is always evolving. My team and me take our time to assess the right options of course but there is no template to breaking up the year. We go with the flow and enjoy the diversity of the industry and it`s ideas.

What are your thoughts on the change of popularity towards techno music and where do you see the industry today?

I think the industry is still growing, especially overseas. EDM is past its prime and more people are turning towards techno as an alternative. The European festivals are getting bigger each year and the music is more sophisticated, Adam’s imprint plays a big role in this. It’s great to have released on both Truesoul and Drumcode and I hope this trend goes on for a while. 

You have a substantial worldwide tour coming up to promote your album, are there any personal highlights on that long list of events for you?

The tour looks really good, I’m super happy about that and I think my agent did a great job. There are always some gigs that are special – Time Warp on home turf, and I’m really looking forward to play China and Japan again. Colombia and Peru are definitely highlights too.

Speaking of travelling, sometimes I feel that the aspect gets a bit lost in the touring life, especially given the multi platform approach to success in nightlife these days. Do you feel like you view it differently to when you first started?

Travelling can often be the hardest part of the job. Going straight from the club on no sleep to an early morning flight, averaging 5 flights a weekend it is difficult. On the flip side though its one of the best parts of the DJ lifestyle. I am so lucky to experience the places I have. When you arrive the promoters look after you and often take you to the hidden gems of the city where the locals not the tourists enjoy and you et to see and experience so many different things. I guess what it really comes down to is this; no one likes sitting on a plane or a train for 14 hours but the pain of being crunched in a tiny Ryanair economy seat, squashed between the incredible Hulk and King Kong is worth it when you touch down and get to explore something new.

What do you think makes his Labyrinth concept so unique in comparison to others on the island?

I think Labyrinth will mark another big step in his career and will bring another outstanding night to the island that will give some of the heavy weights a run for their money. Daley has done well with the line ups getting in Techno titans at the top of their game alongside some house legends such as Sasha, David Morales and John Digweed.

What is the meaning behind the title of the album, ‘Between The Lines’?

I think it represents how I see myself fit in as an artist. Of course I am German, but not perhaps 100% German orientated in terms of the work I put out, or my general mentality. I spend a lot of time touring and playing in the UK, the US and around the world, and sometimes I feel that I don’t really belong in one particular place – and the same goes for my music.

Tell us a little bit about you & Defected.

 Defected had signed and re-released my album “Between The Lines”. Since that time we have a good relationship which I feel very happy about. Also I’ve played some great gigs with them in Ibiza, Ministry and some other cool clubs around the globe.

Actually, what is the idea behind TRUST? 

The idea behind Trust is that we use our many years of experience of clubs to create our idea of the perfect party. For sure it’s a work in progress but the reaction so far from people is great, especially during our off-week event in Barcelona every June. This party is the definitive Trust event.

What part of the production process did you find most difficult?

For me, the most difficult task is making sure the track or the loop that started the whole process is still interesting at the end. You don’t want it to become dull or boring after the second or third listen. The best tracks you can hear 10, 20, 100 times and they still sound new and fresh. It is very important that you can feel the track and the idea from start to finish.


Nick Curly – Reverie – 8Bit Records
Gorge – It´s Time ( Nick Curly Remix ) – Mobilee
Nick Curly – Libero – Cocoon Recordings
Nick Curly & Steffen Deux – Phasor – Knee Deep in Sound
Nick Curly & Dubnitzky – nach eins kommt 2 ( Andomat 300 Remix ) – SDL Music
Nick Curly feat Yaccelil – Perpetuo – 8Bit Records
Nick Curly – Rack and Run – 8Bit Records
Nick Curly – Amnezia – 8Bit Records
John Creamer & Stephane K – Ah Whey ( Nick Curly Remix) – Stereo
Nick Curly – Second Lick – 8Bit Records
Nick Curly – still not sorry – 8Bit Records
Nick Curly Helter Skelter – Truesoul

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