• 30 Seconds to Mars guitarist Tomo Milicevic quits band

    30 Seconds to Mars guitarist Tomo Miličević has quit the band. The news came from Miličević in a tweet that said, “I am no longer in 30 Seconds to Mars. I don’t really know how to explain in a note how I could have come to a decision like this, but please believe me when […]

  • Police Say ‘No Criminal Suspicion’ in Avicii’s Death

    Artist, DJ, and producer Tim Bergling, a.k.a. Avicii, died Friday afternoon in Oman, according to a statement from his rep. According to multiple media reports, sources within the Oman police department have said they have “no criminal suspicion” in the Friday death of famous Swedish DJ. Swedish superstar gone Avicii, whose real name was Tim Bergling, died Friday at […]

  • A Sit Down With DJ Bro Safari

     Over the years, technology has transitioned from samplers to multiple instances of digital judder, but Weiller’s appetite for the sonic fringes is no less voracious. His pitch-bent sound design has established him as a forward-thinking producer of cathartic, harmonics-enriched bangers, while his dynamic sets have made him a North American mainstage mainstay. “If I could […]

  • A Sit Down With DJ Ben Klock

    Klock’s underlying motivations for DJing are as strong today as ever. There is an insatiable hunger when he talks, an underlying passion that can stem only from a profound love for what he does. He sits up and smiles as he describes the feeling of “goosebumps” when he “drops the right track at the right […]

  • A Sit Down With DJ Nick Curly

    “…electronic music is on it´s highest level at the moment”. With a signature groove-based sound, moving through deep and tech-house to techno and back again, Nick’s reputation now stands as a guaranteed stamp of quality for DJs and dance-floor devotees worldwide. As a Producer, he has released recently on the likes of Drumcode, Mobilee, and Second State, while […]

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Above & Beyond: Group Therapy Radio 002

This is the official message from Above & Beyond's Jono, Tony & Paavo: "Group Therapy captures the relationship between us, our music and you, our audience, and the magic that happens when those three things interact. It's something you've all taken into your hearts and it lies at the centre of everything that we do […]

Above & Beyond: Group Therapy Radio 002

Éste es el comunicado oficial de Jono, Tony y Paavo, de Above & Beyond: “Group Therapy capta la relación entre nosotros, nuestra música y vosotros, nuestra audiencia, y la magia ocurre cuando esas tres cosas interactúan entre sí. Es algo que todos vosotros habéis tomado en vuestro corazón y yace en el fondo de todo […]

Kaskade & mash-ups

One of the most successful DJs of the present time – Kaskade –  is known for publicly expressing his opinions and thoughts on matters which many have chosen to address more diplomatically. For example, last month Raddon told what he thinks of the DJ Mag's yearly poll: "I really need everyone to understand this: I […]

DJ Bl3nd knows how to tease

Having sky-rocketed in 2009, DJ Bl3nd has been having a busy year. The immensely popular dubstep DJ has never left United States. Although he hasn’t done big shows or festivals in Europe, Australia or Asia, he’s got a cult-like following with over 2,3 million likes on Facebook and over 100,000 followers on Twitter. Bl3nd is […]

Avicii stirring the pot with Nicky Romero

As you might've heard, Avicii's gotten fed up getting props only for his world-wide hit 'Levels'. He's been keeping busy with many new releases, but you get the feeling this one might be something BIG! In the latest 'Levels' podcast the Swedish-born producer and DJ Avicii aired the musical piece of fine art making it […]