Ingrosso on SHM’s beef with Hardwell

It all started in August when Hardwell, the Dutch house and trance DJ reached the 300,000 fans mark on Facebook. Seems like a joyous occasion for everybody? Wrong! Things got ugly when the young and upcoming DJ Hardwell handed out freebees to celebrate and show appreciation. Turned out, that the free bootleg pack included some Swedish House Mafia’s material. SHM’s Sebastian Ingrosso and Axwell got pissed immediately, Ingrosso commented the move as ’the lowest I’ve seen’.

Inthemix, an Australian music magazine recently chatted with Sebastian Ingrosso, and of course among other things, came up the question about the incident and his current look on things. Ingrosso told to Inthemix:

“This is what I feel. And I stand by my point and I know we got a lot of hate for it, but it doesn’t matter. Because the thing is this: Hardwell is a great producer, he’s a very talented DJ, he is a great guy. Make bootlegs, that’s fine. But if you wanna make bootlegs and gain fans on Facebook, give away your own songs. Like Avicii for example, a good friend of mine, when he got a million fans on Facebook or whatever to say thankyou he gives away a track by his own, he goes to the studio and makes a new song for his 1 million fans. I think that’s f****g brilliant. He can give away as many free downloads as he wants, but it’s kind of weak to give away some other persons song to say thankyou to your fans. But anyway, he said I’m sorry on Twitter because he knew he did something very wrong.”

The public run-down of Ingrosso, Axwell and Hardwell wasn’t pretty. At the end Ingrosso admits they could’ve handled the incident a bit more discretely and not infront of everybody on Twitter. Now that the tempers have cooled down a bit Ingrosso says:“He’s a great dude; he’s young, he’s upcoming. It’s all good now.“


Deadmau5 interview & live set at Sonos

Joel Zimmerman aka Deadmau5 released his fourth studio album ’Album Title Goes here’ in September. He’s not had much time to rest after that, having a lot going on. Deadmau5 is currently #9 on The Official Global  DJ Rankings.

In an interview with US internet radio station KCRW Joel hyped his new stage concept:,,At this festival in Canada called The Veld, everyone thought it was going to be the new stage,” he said. “But we couldn’t do the production we really wanted. It’s so hard not to drop what [the new stage concept] is. It is so bloody amazing, and I can’t believe no one has thought of it.” As Deadmau5 doesn’t really hold  back on spectacle, you can be sure, he’s got something special in store.

The interview with KCRW host Jason Bentley took place just before an intimate L.A show for 200 lucky fans at Sonos Studio in Hollywood. The cameras were rolling the whole time. Now, we are happy to present you the interview and full 90-minute set made possible by Sonos and Deadmau5.

Watch the video of the interview.

Listen to the set!

Benny Benassi planning to become a gardener?

Dan Schawbel is the managing partner of Millennial Branding, a Gen Y research and management consulting firm. Recently he interviewed 13 famous DJ-s for the Forbes Magazine.  Among them was also Benny Benassi, definitely the on with the most colorful personality of them. No wonder for an italian. For example to the Dan´s question “house music has taken off in America, why has it taken so long?” his reply was very straightforward: “Hey, I’m Italian and live in Italy. You’re asking me?” Also differently from the other DJ-s Benny likes more to explore around in the new cities when on tours, than sleeping.

Born by name of Marco Benassi, but having a nickname Benny at school, it officially stuck with him and became also his stage-name. Having already a childhood dream to become a DJ, Benny was lucky to have a musician-cousin Alle, with whom they started to produce electronic music.

Being now into Twitter and being influenced by “kids” – Skrillex, Afrojack, Congorock – for the early years role-models Benny named the big electronic producers like Giorgio Moroder, Carl Cox and Paul Oakenfold.

And on the last question: “what are your future projects and where do you see yourself in five years?” italian takes over again:hey, I can’t imagine where I’ll be in five months! Maybe in five years I’ll be a gardener or selling bicycles!” Well, that´s just Benny!

Pendulum excluded from The Official Global DJ Rankings


Recently the Official Global DJ Rankings have excluded Australian/British drum´n´bass band Pendulum from its lists. As by their statement – it was because the band has officially disbanded and is currently focusing to the side projects.

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David Guetta Is Not Dead – Again!

David Guetta

For some unclear reasons some people like to amuse themselves with “funny” things which actually turn out not to be funny at all. As therefore and again – nasty rumors going around about David Guetta passing away in a tragic car accident on Thursday morning. According to Global Associated News caused by the conditions of the road he lost control while driving a friend´s car, vehicle got rolling and killed him instantly.

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