UMEK & Siwell got used to the Madness

UMEK is the #1 DJ out of Slovenia playing mostly tech house and techno. He's #22 overall in The Official Global DJ Rankings. This time he’s teamed up with Siwell, an underground DJ/producer out of Italy, to produce a refined track called 'You Get Used to All the Madness'. This pumped up galloping beat gives you an instant recognisition of UMEK’s quirky sounds and polished drum beats. Watch out for the massive build up in the latter half of the song. This is some fine production right here!

Guetta and Rihanna together ‘Fresh Off the Runway’

First of all, happy birthday to David Guetta! On this joyous occasion, the DJ of DJs has announced that he’s produced a ’huge club beat’  called ’Fresh Off the Runway’ for Rihanna’s forthcoming album ’Unapologetic’.

The track is a collaboration of not only David Guetta and Rihanna, but there’s also an added touch by Stargate and Nicky Romero. You could be sure your local radio station and club DJs are going to be playing this one, it’s going to be the 7th track on the album in respect to the fact that Guetta’s birthday is on 7th November. The highly awaited album is going to be released on 19th November. So the Twitter feeds of Rihanna and Guetta have been going red in the past days. The secret about the collaboration has raised much excitement and is sure to raise more awareness about the album. The fans already know that Chris Brown, Eminem and Future are guests on the album, but news about Guetta should get people worked up. Last time Guetta worked with Rihanna back in 2009, the superstar vocalist contributed to the track ’Who’s That Chick’. Check out the video below, it has already received ofer 65 million views!

Afrojack’s release: Annie’s Theme

Afrojack has just released a new single called 'Annie's Theme.'  After debuting at Ultra Music Festival and some air time (check out the recording from radio below), this has been highly anticipated track. 'Annie's Theme' has that trademark Afrojack sound with high pitched whistles and whine, and the expected professional quality. Afrojack is currently #8 in The Official Global DJ Rankings.

‘Added Fat’ to Prodigy’s ‘Fat of the Land’ (Updated with Zed’s Dead remix!)

The Prodigy has been an active guest in the headlines in recent times. One of the reasons for this have been the developments surrounding the highly anticipated new album called ’How to Steel a Jet fighter’. You can read all about the upcoming album here as well as listen to some released material here. The Prodigy is #74 in The Official Global DJ Rankings.

This time, were reminding you about the reissue of the ’The Fat of The Land’, arguably the best album by the group. It was originally released back in 1997. Now, XL Recordings are going to celebrate 15 years since the release or ’Fat Of The Land’ by re-issueing it with the addition of an extra CD. The album will become available on December 3 in UK and then everywhere else.

The addition CD is called ’Added Fat’ and consists of remixes by an impressive line-up of producers: Noisia, Alvin Risk, Major Lazer, The Glitch Mob, Zeds Dead, Baauer. They’ve already dropped some of the exciting tracks. We have for you some of the previews from the ’Added Fat’. It’s going to be wicked, that’s for sure. The DJ’s behind these bangers are playing them already in their sets, so listen closely.


Added Fat tracklist:

1. Smack My Bitch Up (Noisia Remix)
2. Firestarter (Alvin Risk Remix) 
3. Breathe (Zeds Dead Remix)
4. Mindfields (Baauer Remix)
5. Breathe (The Glitch Mob Remix)
6. Smack My Bitch Up (Major Lazer Remix)

Become a DJ in Ibizain ‘Be the DJ’ by Olmeca & Steve Aoki

How would you like the possibility to become Mixmag’s resident DJ in Ibiza? Olmeca tequila teaming up with Steve Aoki have started the competition ’Be the DJ’, where contestants compete for the vacancy in Ibiza, one of the world’s greatest party destination.

The task is simple: present your remix of Aoki’s hit track ’Come with me’. The competition is in high gear, remixes are coming in bunches. However, there’s two tracks to be lifted so far. Listen to the tracks below! If you think you could spice ’Come with me’ better yourself, there’s time until November 22. Get started in the Olmeca Facebook app!

This powerful and raw remix is produced by Joey Miccrilley. Aoki will appreciate this one for sure!

This one's done by Tom Schuster. The remix is on the other end of the scale a far softer but nevertheless impressive stuff.