Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Flea entertains crowd with handstands

The group had just come out to the stage and was in the middle of their second song when all of the sudden the power cut out. Everyone’s microphone went out one by one. The only one left with a hot mic was Flea. 

Картинки по запросу Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Flea entertains crowd with handstands as band’s show cuts out after one song

Key points:

  • The Red Hot Chili Peppers started their first Australian tour in 12 years in Hobart
  • A power disruption cut out the microphones during their second song
  • The band resumed the show after a 20-minute delay

The Californian group Red Hot Chili Peppers had opened the sold-out show with their 2002 hit Can’t Stop.

They were halfway through their second song when the power was cut to their sound system.

A concertgoer told the ABC the band’s microphones cut out one by one, until bass player Flea was the last member standing.

“I’d hate to be the person responsible for the power cutting out on the RHCP,” one fan tweeted of the technical mishap. Another said: “Having some significant tech issues in Hobart. But Flea is still a god.”

Post Malone and Red Hot Chili Peppers stole the Grammys stage with an explosive collaborative performance we can’t forget.

Malone started his set with an emotional acoustic performance of “Stay” complete with moody fog and a skull-adorned jacket. He showed off his amazing vocal chops and only made us love him more.

He then lightened the mood with a rendition of “Rockstar” before transitioning into his collab with the Chili Peppers. Malone played guitar with the band for “Dark Necessities” and sang backing vocals.

Chili Peppers frontman Anthony Kiedis even took his shirt off during the set, which was somewhat confusing but we don’t hate it.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers proved themselves capable of keeping the show going no matter what. After a power outage interrupted their set after the first song, RHCP’s Fleatook it upon himself to keep the crowd entertained.

Mariah Carey Thought The Chainsmokers Were One Direction

“I remember seeing her and I was like, ‘Oh my god, like ‘Fantasy’ and ‘Honey,’” recalled Alex Pall. “And she was like, ‘Dude, I love you guys.”

Картинки по запросу Mariah Carey Through The Chainsmokers Were One Direction


“I remember seeing her and I was like ‘Oh, my God. “Fantasy” and “Honey,”‘ and she was like, ‘Dude, I love you guys,'” Alex told the hosts. “And we’re like, ‘Wow, you know who we are?’ and she was like, ‘One Direction, right?'” Cue the hysterical laughter from everyone in the room, including Alex and Andrew themselves. There’s no doubt that experiencing something like that was a tad embarrassing for all parties involved, but Mariah being the queen that she is responded to a clip of the interview on Wednesday to poke a little fun at herself and the group. “@TheChainsmokers of course I know you!! I love your song ‘That’s What Makes You Beautiful,” she tweeted, jokingly alluding to One Direction’s 2012 song.

It looks like Carey realized her mistake as she tweeted a video of the interview. The “Hero” singer showed that she has an incredible sense of humor by joking that she loves The Chainsmokers’ song, “What Makes You Beautiful.” As you probably know, the track was one of One Direction’s hits.

Carey caught wind of the clip and responded on Twitter on Wednesday night, poking fun at herself with a tweet that read, “@TheChainsmokers of course I know you!! I love your song ‘That’s What Makes You Beautiful,’” referring to the 2011 One Direction single.

“I’m very forgetful,” Carey said of meeting Lopez. “Apparently I’m forgetful because I don’t remember the fact that it was just like, ‘Hi, I’m so-and-so’ and then move on.”

“I was like ‘Oh my God. ‘Fantasy!’ ‘Honey!’ And she was like ‘Dude, I love you guys!’,” said Alex Pall, who explained that he was shocked that a mega-star like Carey knew about The Chainsmokers.

Chris Brown Plans To Sue Rape Accuser For Defamation


Картинки по запросу Chris Brown plans to sue rape accuser for defamation

Chris Brown is suing the woman who alleged that he raped her in a Paris hotel room. According to TMZ, Brown plans to sue the unnamed accuser for defamation.

The gossip website quotes Brown’s Parisian lawyer Raphael Chiche, who said that they plan to file a complaint ASAP.

“Chris Brown is free. No lawsuits were filed against him. He vigorously challenges the charges against him,” Chiche said. “A complaint for slanderous denunciation will be filed tomorrow with the public prosecutor of Paris.”

Brown’s accuser detailed the alleged incident in an interview with French outlet Closer.

“It’s still too difficult for me to explain in detail what he did, but it was brutal and violent,” she said. “I was very afraid. Once it was over, he opened the door. I told him that I wanted to pick up my cell phone and go home.”

The woman said that she came forward so that further women would not be victimized.

“I did not want them to be able to do the same thing to other girls,” she said. “Chris Brown is the kind of person who thinks himself powerful and thinks himself above the law, but no. I’ll go to the end. Abused three times in the same evening by three different men it’s unbearable to live.”

According to the magazine, Brown’s accuser told police that she was raped at his suite in the Mandarin Oriental hotel on the night of Jan. 15. She said she met the singer and his friends earlier that evening at a nightclub near the Champs-Élysées.

Brown maintained his innocence in an Instagram caption shared with a photo that reads, “This bitch lyin’.”


Bebe Rexha Calls Out Designers

“You go to any big designer. I had my team hit out a lot of designers, and a lot of them do not want to dress me because I’m ‘too big.’ Literally, I’m ‘too big.'”

Картинки по запросу Bebe Rexha Calls Out Designers Who Refuse To Dress Her “Size 8 Ass”

Bebe Rexha is speaking out. The pop songstress called out designers on Monday for refusing to dress her for the 61st Annual Grammy Awards on February 10.

The 29-year-old “Meant to Be” singer, who earned her first Grammy nomination in December, posted a video on Instagram about the matter at hand. She explained how her team reached out to multiple designers, but they rejected the opportunity to create a custom red carpet outfit for her because she’s “too big.” She elaborated on the issue further in the post’s caption.

“If you don’t like my fashion style or my music that’s one thing. But don’t say you can’t dress someone that isn’t a runway size,” Rexha wrote. “Empower women to love their bodies instead of making girls and women feel less than by their size. We are beautiful any size! Small or large! Anddddd My size 8 ass is still going to the Grammys.”

In the short clip’s caption on Twitter, Rexha said the rude designers won’t hold her back, “My size 8 a** is still going to the Grammys.”

Rexha is nominated for both Best New Artist and Country Duo/Performance for her collab with Florida Georgia Line.

Since her post, a number of designers have apparently reached out to the singer to volunteer their services. Designers such as August Getty, Tanya Taylor and Elizabeth Kennedy all replied that they would love to outfit Rexha for the event.

Fellow singer Demi Lovato praised Rexha in the comments section of her video. “F**king preach!!!” Lovato wrote. “Love this and you for speaking your mind and using your voice!”

“We are beautiful any size! Small or large!” she added. “Anddddd my size 8 ass is still going to the Grammys. #LOVEYOURBODY.

Pornhub Released A Valentine’s Day Album, And It’s Not Great

“To help ease the stress of planning the perfect Valentine’s Day, we wanted to show our fans some love by curating an album so seductive that it would make Cupid himself blush — and is guaranteed to end your night with a bang.”

Картинки по запросу Pornhub Released A Valentine's Day Album, And It's Not Great


Pornhub is not only supplying customers with the right moves for Valentine’s day. It’s also trying to supply their audience with the essential tunes.

This year, Pornhub is releasing their first album, featuring some of the entertainment industry’s biggest names. According to TMZ, they’ve sought the help of people like Tekashi69, Blac Chyna, Lil Xan, PnB Rock, Asian Doll, 24hrs, MadeinTYOand DJ Akademiks.

All the songs remain rather NSFW — with the lyrical content all revolving around some rather explicit activities. Regardless of the content, it’s a unique move for the largest adult website, and marks a well-timed venture for the organization considering the growing influence hip-hop has had over the past several years.”

On the album, Corey Price, the Vice President of Pornhub said, “To help ease the stress of planning the perfect Valentine’s Day, we wanted to show our fans some love by curating an album so seductive that it would make Cupid himself blush—and is guaranteed to end your night with a bang. With over 100 million people visiting Pornhub daily, we know what gets people in the mood. When you feel like the night is about to reach its crescendo, dim the lights and throw this album on. You’ll thank us later.”

Lil Xan, who includes his track ‘Shake It’ on the album, shared his excitement for being featured in the project: “I knew this song was the perfect fit for Pornhub’s first album. I love what they’re doing with this.”

In other news, Pornhub also announced that for Valentine’s Day only it will be granting free access to Pornhub Premium.

It’s a six-track, all-original whirlwind of bedroom exploits. It has some incredibly romantic moments, like when 6ix raps “Beat the pussy/ put it on ice/ fuck around I’ll make you my wife/ put you in a brand new ride” or when Xan pleads “please give me some brain.” Swoon!