Tiesto helping (RED) fight AIDS on World AIDS Day

Tiesto has teamed up with (RED) for a global EDM event on World AIDS Day (Dec. 1, 2012). (RED) is an organization which raises awareness about AIDS and the transmission of HIV from moms to their babies. They have manifested that as every generation is known for something, we should become the generation to deliver […]

The Official Global DJ Rankings presents Infected Mushroom: #1 from Israel, #1 Psy Trance

Infected Mushroom is a DJ duo out of Israel that’s spectacular for many reasons. The duo was formed in the end of 1997 by producers Erez Eisen and Amit Duvdevani. The project has evolved into something truly special as Infected Mushroom is the #1 act out of Israel's 97 ranked DJs according to The Official […]

DJ and venue owner: A lesson on Facebook marketing

As you might’ve noticed over the years, there’s not a lot of room left for romanticism in today’s capitalist world economy. Being great at what you do may give you a sense of fulfillment, but that doesn't guarantee recognition and success on a larger scale. Making it to the top – whether you’re a  DJ […]


L.A.O.S isn’t as widely recognized as they should be, they’re only #3037 in The Official Global DJ Rankings. Among drum’n’bass lovers the finnish group is held in high praise. Considering this years releases, the group may be on the rise! L.A.O.S. actually stands for Large Amounts Of Soul. Consisting of three oldschool DJ’s D-Bex, DJ […]

Markus Schulz’s thoughts and beats

DJ Times magazine and Pioneer DJ announced that Markus Schulz is America’s Best DJ of 2012. That’s a great honor for the immensely successful 37-year old German trance music DJ and producer. In The Official Global DJ Rankings he’s #17 overall and #3 of U.S DJs. Recently, before headlining at the Marquee nightclub Markus Shulz […]