Supreme Court Won’t Hear Appeal in Capitol Records Vs Vimeo Copyright Dispute

The ruling said websites are protected from liability for inadvertently hosting music recorded before 1972.

Daft Punk’s revelead the sources for many of the pair’s most famous releases.

Daft Punk’s tracks make up some of the most iconic, widely recognised dance music of all time, but where do they come from originally?

Calvin Harris has shared new video

Calvin Harris has  shared a video online that shows how he made his collaboration with Frank Ocean and Migos.


UK GOVERNMENT PROPOSES UNLIMITED FINES FOR ONLINE TICKET TOUTS USING BOTS UK government proposes unlimited fines for online ticket touts using bots.

Watch Bill Murray’s “Happy Street” video

A new song has been unveiled featuring Bill Murray on lead vocals. Check out the video for ‘Happy Street’ above. The track was recorded for the upcoming album of Murray’s long-tme friend and the former ‘Late Night With David Letterman’ musical director Paul Shaffer.