Popular Youtube channel MAJESTIC about to release album

Are you a part of the 1 million subscribers of Majestic Casual? If not, it's about time to get in on the action here. As the channel has become extremely popular since its birth in 2011, it's become the prime channel for new music for a lot of people. It's only natural that Majestic has gotten […]

BBC unveils a new digital music service PLAYLISTER

UK media giant BBC has announced the launch of a new service that allows users to create a playlist using songs heard on their television and radio channels. With BBC Playlister, people can add any songs they hear to an online playlist, also being able to export them to YouTube, Spotify and Deezer which are […]

Viral: Daleri does 16 drops in 54 second ‘Epic Mashleg’

The Swedish duo Daleri has been active since 2011. Still in their early days, with just over 2,000 fans on Facebook, they hadn't gotten very much attention …until now. In the 14 days its been up for streaming, 'Epic Mashleg' has gotten over 120,000 plays. The heat is on for Daleri. Established producers like Zedd, […]

Afrojack and deadmau5 beef over what is ‘good music’

As it has come to be in today's digital age, the social media brings people from all over the world closer to each other. Then again, as any Internet user knows, the virtual agoras i.e. Twitter and Facebook are not only for liking and following. They've also become the battleground for heater discussions and feuds. […]

Essential Mix by Skrillex becomes the all-time most played content on BBC 1 Radio

It was aired last month, on June 15th, but took on a life of its own ever since. The Essential Mix by Skrillex was expected to turn heads after it was published 2 weeks later than originally indented. But BBC 1 couldn't predict what followed.. …the essential mix by Skrillex has become the 'single most played piece […]